Thursday, 30 April 2009

Oh dear I am a baaaaaad blogger! I do like to read everyone else's when I get a moment tho!

Alan Score took a lovely photo of Cadbury so I thought I would add to that to that Blog - thanks Alan :)

I have been enjoying being back at shows and Cad has been being a little star even surprising me - I kind of thought he would never get placed in 6-7 combined - and he has now had a few places and these are not little shows either! One was on the course talked about on Nancy's blog at WBSDS - phew that was a hard one for my brain - I was pleased to get 3rd (behind 2 Grade 7 BC's) but funny I was even more pleased to get 3rd in the 6-7 Jumping on the same day that the lovely Don Curtis judged as it had some handling areas but also some blasty bits too.

Kaiser's training has been going ok - sorry no video - although a couple of his siblings came out a few days after their 18 month birthday I have not entered Kaiser as I knew he was not ready and did not want to a. feel I should run him and allow bad habit's to develop and b. undo the good work I am trying to put in and c. I don't want him to catch sight of the dog in the next ring running and dash off to herd it - he won't hurt the dog but could scare it and I would hate that and also would hate for him to ruin someones good round! So I am leaving him for a few more months and will see how training goes. I know 18 months is when everyone wants their dog in the ring but for me there is plenty of time and there is no great hurry really.

Fleet has had some lameness - a sort of sprain in his wrist so has been resting - he is not impressed - he also recently had his 8th birthday - sharing his birthday with our mate Karen :)

He really is such a lovely dog - we have goony moments between us sometimes in agility but actually I really don't care!!

Little Jaf has had awful problems with his eyes - he does not produce tears and it has affected his eyesight - there is an Op but it hardly ever works and is such a lot to put him through - he is trying some more eye stuff but the Vet is not sure it will work - I do feel for the little chap as it can't be nice for him :( Foggy is fine - coming up 12 and barky and sweet as ever! A photo of Jaf and Fog together - they have always got on really well and both were younger in this photo!

Have fun with your dogs!