Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas

Been soooo busy here! I will try and cover each bit at a time!

Blue the foster dog is still looking for a home - sadly his new home did not work out :(

Kaiser is coming along lovely - he is cute and cheeky all rolled into one!

Went to watch at Olympia on Senior (6/7) day - Amanda and I go each year to watch/shop! I just don't tire of the excitement of watching the agility there and have loved watching all the videos back of the agility that night and also the small/Medium/ABC and Novice ones too - so thanks to everyone for the links! To those who did well - yay! To those who would have liked to have done better - well done for being there and I am sure you will all be out there trying to qualify again!

Nigel and Donna's 15 year old lurcher Bear went missing last week and it must have been such an awful time for them - after being missing for quite a few days today she was thankfully found and was ok - we went searching on Sunday and I kept willing her to appear on the horizon (sadly she didn't) but with lots of people out searching and putting up posters and spreading the word I am sure it all helped for her to be found today - I stood in the corridor at work on the phone to Donna in tears when she rang to say Bear had been found and she is not even my dog!

Here she is having a well earned snooze tonight at Claudine and Carlo's house - it was so lovely to be able to see her when I dropped their Christmas pressies round.

Further down our road is a house locally famous for its Christmas lights - I stopped on the way home today to try and take some photos - the photos are not that good as they are on my phone and in the dark but you get the idea! They raise money for charity and last year they were runners up in a nationwide competition for people who decorate their houses!

I would like to wish everyone we know - humans and canines a Very Happy Christmas and a Fab New Year Lorna x

Friday, 14 December 2007

Kaiser :)

Well its been a few days now and Kaiser is just fab. Of course all puppies involve lots of work for watching them so they don't get into trouble and for housetraining and plus there is lots of playing to be done so it's an exciting but tiring time!

The other dogs are getting used to him and Kaiser and Cadbury have had some great playing sessions.

He had two trips to training both for our last nights of term with end of of term jovialities - he gots lots of hugs from people and seemed to be taking everything in.

The garden has been frozen solid so at first he looked a bit like "eeek I don't want to get my feet cold" but once he got used to it he was fine.

(that sock has a tennis ball in - its not that I have left my socks lying about honest!)

He went to the Vets to have his first jab today and that went ok - the Vet said he thought he was lovely and they do have one other Kelpie on their books but am not sure who that one belongs to.

Kaiser is cute and cheeky all rolled into one, he is a very bold puppy which is lovely so Mark and Marie have done a good job before he came home to us.

He has such a cute puppy sit!

And ooops only had him a few days and lost his head!!!!!

I must take some photos outside (with the digi camera rather than my phone!) but it has just been sooooo cold!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Newton Heath, Wyre, Foster dog, Rugby and Kaiser!

Phew thats a lot of subjects to cover!

Ok Newton Heath first - a nice but very hectic show, just two runs for Mediums but Cads bless him wanted three! So we had a run-off chuckle! He had a run-off for 3rd and 4th in Medium Combined 4-5 Jumping and won the run-off. Also he came 2nd in Medium Graded 4-5 Agiliy. Bless him little Jaf came 6th in Combined 4-5 Jumping. No clears for the rest of the dogs but they all did some nice bits.

Wyre - just me at Wyre as Roger stayed home to look after Josie (who is fine now thank goodness!) The only place was Cads got 2nd in Medium Combined 3-5 Agility, he was going lovely in the KC Olympia 1-7 and then with 3 things to go went back up the a-frame - he was in good company as quite a few did that and his jumping course was 4-5 but set at about grade 8 - so we had fun but an E. No clears from JaiJai or Fleet - best runs being a lovely run each with just 5 faults. JaiJai is such fun to run but boy do you have to think quickly!

Yayyyyyyy Blue the Foster Dog has a new home - Cathy and Steve who train at North Downs with us now have Blue living with them - its a lovely place for him to be so fingers crossed things work out ok.

Rugby for me is the start of the festive season - the car park had tarmac wow! This does not sound much but normally it had a foot of mud and you take most of it home in the van! Cads runs were 1-7 and he did a messy clear in the jumping, in the agility I nearly ran into a jump! Cads was still clear despite me and only just out of the places. The course was in the shape of an M so rather up and down. Roger was still resting Josie so stayed home and I ran JaiJai - he was a bit mad in his agility and was doing fab in the jumping with just one pole down then I got out of position doh! Fleets agility was an interesting course and he worked it well but....I nearly went up the a-frame!! I did a reverse just before the a-frame and then as I turned I had not quite gone wide enough so had to put my hands out and onto the a-frame to stop myself running into it!! Fleet got 12th in one of the parts of 1-7 Jumping so I was pleased about that in that kind of company - he is Grade 5 and there were good Grade 7 and 6 dogs called out before they got to his name :)

Today I picked Kaiser up - I am typing this quickly while he had a quick nap! He is adorable - I promise to take some photos as soon as I get a a chance. He has been introduced to the rest of our mob - Cadbury really likes him and they have been playing - Josie and Rip are the ones that have to be kept away from pups - funny that they are both Rogers dogs!!

So an exciting and busy time ahead - I don't have a show for over a month now and it will be nice to chill out with the dogs and get them all used to Kaiser and get him used to loads of things while he is growing up.

I hope all the blog readers are well and having fun with their dogs.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Time just flies by!

Well we still have the foster dog....Blue is finally on Agilitynet so hopefully he will get a nice forever home soon :) He has got more barmy the longer he has been with us - is that our influence or just that he is coming out of his shell !! Blue and JaiJai play and play - as Josie has been spayed she has been resting so its been nice for the 2 youngsters to play.

I went up to the Agility Club AGM for Cadbury and I to be presented with his huge trophy for coming 1st in the Medium Grade 3 say I am proud of him is an understatement! It was espcially nice as I did not realise at first that the trophy was engraved I just wanted to get it in the box before I dropped it!

New posh dinner bowl - chuckle!!

It was nice to catch up with people I had not seen for a while at the AGM - there was not enough time to chat to everyone though! A little group of us did go out for a nice meal afterwards. Well Done to all our friends who did so well too - Joy and Teal, Bernadette and Hex, Paula and Suzi, Sue with Bug and Merc, Jenny and Stella and everyone else who got an award!

Josie was spayed and things did not go very well......darn merlie thing!! Actually it was not her fault her external stiches were fine but the internal ones did not hold and she had to go back and be re-operated on - it was quite a scary time and thankfully she is on the mend now - running around with a bucket on her head and wearing a t-shirt to cover her tummy!

Nearly time to get Kaiser - exciting stuff! Heres a photo Marie sent me recently (thanks Marie x)

Off to Wyre in a little while - just me and some of the dogs - Roger is staying home to look after Josie - I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Kaiser Five Week old visit and Blue Foster Kelpie

So after the trip back from Newton Heath the next day for me its a little trip to Wales!! (apx 280 miles round trip - I go back to work for a rest - I did over 800 miles driving that weekend zzzzzz!)

Kaiser is growing up sooooooooo lovely and the whole litter are just so much fun to watch. This is my favourite photo of Kaiser so far (thanks Marie x):-

There is a Blue Kelpie with the original name of....Blue that needs a new home - he is only 8-9 months old and was found as a stray in West Wales and he had been being fostered and it was not working out so I was asked to give him a ride as he was near to where Kaiser is and the Kelpie Welfare lady lives near me - she is already fostering some other dogs so Blue has ended up being fostered for the time being here with us - he is learning house manners and lots of other stuff but he is a really fab dog and I must say I am soooo proud of my dogs the way they have adapted to having a foster dog in the house - I hope he finds a forever home soon. If anyone reading the blog knows somone looking for a dog like this please get in touch!Bluey:-

Newton Heath November

A short trip (ha ha!) up the M6 to go to Newton Heath - we always stay over the night before and I have tried various places - some too noisy/too near a busy road/insecure parking/strange owners/2 dog limit etc! So we stayed at a farm BnB - the same place we stayed for Lune Valley in October - it was ok....but it was cold so nearly all the dogs came in (a couple go in large fabric crates) and the room was freezing cold! So I might try somewhere else next time!!

Onto the show - poor Roger did not have a great day JaiJai was rather hyped up and had no clears and Josie also had no clears but at least she got 2 jumping runs to do while she is still being re-trained to do contacts - but is being spayed soon so will have a good break before she re-starts.

Little Cadders was a star-let - I am still working on his stops on the contacts and was very pleased with how he ran the 4-5 graded agility and he came 2nd, in the 4-5 combined jumping he did another good run and ended up having a run off for 3rd and 4th - he won the run off so 3rd we came. This show only put on 2 runs for smalls and mediums so it was nice to have a run off - one to get another go at the same course but also to give us an extra run as the big dogs all got 3 runs.

Littler Jaf is just going to do jumping now as it was not worth stressing him over the see-saw - I bought a see-saw (ages ago) and I had worked on getting his confidence up and it worked for a short time and then he does the darn thing at a show a bit fast and then scares himself and we are back to square one again... I was very proud that Jaf came 6th in the small combined 4-5 Jumping - he does not get many places so this makes it even more special when he does :)

Fleet was a bit of a goon....just small things wrong in each run but also did some nice bits too. No runs for the oldies at this show - good job really as it was a manic show - loads of people there who I had not seen at this venue before - I guess like us they did not want to get bored in the winter!

As Cads and Jaf were the stars a photo of was from ages and ages ago when we were moving house and yes that really is Cadbury - it was the 2nd and last time he had his face shaved and had a bath and blow dry he has been au natural since then which is not to everyones taste but of course I like it! He has still never had his body hair cut and I am sort of used to people asking what breed he is!!

Catching up again!

Sorreeeeee I have been a bad blogger again! We have a foster dog at the moment (long story) and this and the rest of the dogs and work have been taking up a lot of my time.

Dartmoor:- we went to stay with my Mum for the weekend which was nice as she lives near Honiton and I don't get to see her very often. No great success at the show - little Jaf was the only one to get a clear round! Cadbury popped an extra jump in the jumping and in the agility got confused by an a-frame with a pipe tunnel tightly wrapped round with the dog having a choice of pipe/a-frame/pipe - lots of dogs went wrong in all of the heights...

JaiJai had the obligatory pole down with a very fast time in his jumping class, Fleet had a day of if onlys - in the jumping it was only weaves and jump to finish after having done the rest lovely as I switched behind the weaves he came out....and in the agility he refused the pipe with only a few jumps to go and he had done the a-frame handling area lovely.

My Mum:-

I'll add more later about Kaiser at 5 weeks, the foster dog and Newton Heath.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

New header

Thanks to Lucy Clifton for making me the new header of Cadders and to Dennis and Lynn for the lovely photos in the header.

Tuffley Ltd and a visit to meet Kaiser pup!

I have been a bad blogger and been busy with other stuff!

So to catch up I went to Tuffley Ltd Show which was combined for large dogs Grade 1-2 and 3-5 and we had Jumping, Agility and Helter Skelter. I have not entered this show for a couple of years and thought I would enter in the hope that Ruby would have pups for me to go and visit as it was sort of in the right direction!
Roger was at work and so I had JaiJai and Josie to run too :)

Fleety was a star and won the Jumping and the helter skelter - people at the show did say I would be banned if I won the agility as well.....but a handler error put paid to that!

Josie had a clear in the helter skelter but was not quick enough for a place and JaiJai was fab, he is fun to run, its edge of your seat stuff! In the jumping he was a second and a half quicker than Fleet and had the last pole down.

So then if was off to see Kaiser pup he was 3 weeks old and the whole litter were lovely and it was brilliant to meet them, photos are nice but not as nice as seeing them in the fur. They were all really active for their age and on their second day of mushy food and they were funny the way some of them ended up covered in it!

I am going back to see the pups again when they are 5 weeks old.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Well as it was a long cold day but enjoyable and nice to catch up with people and also be able to easily watch two rings.

The best bit was that JaiJai came 1st in Grade 3 Jumping to phrase what Dennis Mc said "You won that with a f...... twizzle" he he ! Well it was a little bit tricky for a grade 3 with a speedy weave entry, a pull through and some other handling areas. JaiJai having won out of Grade 3 a few weeks back at Lune Valley as there are not many shows at this time of year it was Roger and JaiJais last Grade 3 so nice to go out with a bang.

Fleet had a 9th in 4/5 Down and Out.....he would have done better as we got to the same bit as quite a few others but I was a bit slow getting back to the finish jump cos I was getting tired after so many obstacles! Had a real if only in the 4/5 Jumping as Fleet ran by the pipe tunnel which was the last obstacle, am sure it was my fault as I should have stood my ground and we just had a 5r in the 4/5 jumping.

Roger had a clear with Josie in 4/5 Jumping but she had one very wide bit and it was a speedy course so no time for being wide.

Its Cadburys blog but he had no runs but he did come in and have a bark at the collies going round!

Nice to see wins from Arthur and young Glynn in the Grade 3 Down and Out if I remember correctly they did 34 obstacles and Shaun with Grace won the 4/5 Down and Out doing one more obstacle than Fleet and getting back to the finish jump rapidly too!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Lovely Weekend

Well we had no shows to go to and I had a lovely weekend. My weekend is normally 3 days as I don't work on Friday but I was on a course at work on Thursday and Friday (Accredited Closure - don't ask yawn!) hmmmm ah well it gives me a day off to take at another time :)

Saturday was spent doing lots of tidying/cleaning and re-organising things that we have not had much time to do due to being away at shows and I took my dogs for a lovely walk on Kingsley Common - this is between Bordon and Alton and near to where I used to live and the dogs love it there and its sooo peaceful (I will have to make a resolution to remember to take some photos!)

Sunday we had a training morning at Polly's with Nancy and it was fab - I worked Fleet and Josie worked Roger ;) Thanks Nancy I have lots to take away and practice :)

Sunday evening we went to the cinema with Claudine and Carlos - sometimes the films we see can be more boys films with everyone killing people and me hiding behind my coat but this one was fab - we saw Stardust and it really was a lovely film.

So.....although I really do love taking my gang to agility shows its also lovely to just chill and catch up on things.

Not much in this posting about Cadbury well he had a bit of a trim to his face not my best effort at topiary but its the one bit he does get trimmed otherwise his fur would grow into his mouth and eyes and also he would have a goatee!

Marie sent me the most lovely photo of Kaiser at 6 days old - it made my heart melt!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Caerphilly Show

Off to Wales I went for the weekend of 13th-14th October - Wales seems a long way but the roads there were all major ones and it was only just into Wales (Monmouth) so it was a really quick towing journey - it did however cost £10.20 with a van to get over the bridge into Wales but it was free to leave!

I will admit to being a bit worried about camping so late in the year but the weather was lovely! The camping was a bit spread out and not exagerating we must have been camped 15 minutes walk from the rings - not so bad with a large dog class but not so good with a medium dog class! So I drove down and parked in day parking as it was much closer - small moan in that day parkers don't actually pay as such whereas campers do! Also we were helping on Sunday.

Onto the Agility...!! I had been really looking forward to doing a Team Dash with Cadbury never having done one before (was due to at High Peak but the show was cancelled) and it was a nice course and he did a lovely clear (video of the Team run on Lian's Blog), Lian and Saturn did a lovely clear, Sue and Bug and Jan and Sal had a fault - but it was good fun doing a team :)

On Saturday Cadbury came 2nd in 4-7 Graded Jumping (the Grade 5 bit), we had a very interesting 4-7 Combined Agility which required control at the end of the dog walk which cost us a bit of time but at least we got clear rather than E'd and came 6th, bless him to make it 4/4 clear (including the team) he also went clear in 1-7 Jumping but it was a bit of a blast and he was just outside the places. On Sunday he did a barmy clear in 1-7 Agility - he did make me laugh as he kept rushing off to try and do the wrong thing with a big grin on his we lost too much time on that one! We so nearly got round 5-7 Graded Agility which took lots of brain power but he popped back into the pipe tunnel near the end (Andy Brown said he was working lovely and that made my day) and lastly he came 5th in 1-5 Combined Jumping on a speedy course.

Roger was very pleased that Josie came 4th in a part of 3-5 Jumping - no other clears and no clears from JaiJai.

Fleet came 6th in a part of 3-5 Jumping (with a goony moment!) and also did a stunning run in the Team - doing Teams with Fleet make me nervous as he can be a bit unpredictable and I don't mind what the rest of the Team do just please don't let it be me that lets them down!

Fog and Rip had places in Anysize and little Jaf did 2 clears in Jumping (he is just going to do jumping now - no more scary see-saws for him!)

The Show venue was within walking distance of Monmouth so we walked and ate fish and chips by the river on Saturday evening and then Roger went to the show marque to watch the Rugby and I went back to see the dogs.

No more camping shows which is a little sad as I like staying in the caravan but it will be nice to not have so many shows from now on, as much as I love the shows its also nice to be able to catch up with things at home and do other stuff with the dogs.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Some Exciting News.....

Not really a post about agility, not really a post about Cadbury either (but I think he will love this....well I hope so..!) my new puppy has been born.

In the early hours of Saturday morning Ruby (Ag Ch Cories Ruby Tuesday) gave birth to 9 (yes 9..!) puppies, I had waited a long time for this to happen as I asked Mark when I first met Ruby (I think at her first show) if he ever bred from her would he consider letting me have a pup, he said yes and Ruby a good while later went on to have a litter of pups, I felt at that time it was the wrong time for me to get a large dog as I wanted to get another smaller dog as a friend for Jaf and hence along came Cadbury.

I am so glad I got Cadbury and not just because he has been fun to run at agility but it has been brilliant for little Jaf and they are great mates and they play together (Jaf does not play with anyone else!) and they curl up and sleep by each other.

So.........when Mark said he was going to breed from Ruby again I was thrilled, yes in the meantime she has been an agility star but I have always liked her for her personality and temperament and have since got to know quite a few of her last litter and they are all lovely.

I had set my heart on a boy kelpie the same colour as Ruby (red and tan) and bless her she had just the one red and tan boy, the rest of the litter were a mix of colours as Ruby's husband for this litter was a black dog imported from Australia.

Marie sent texts through the night as each puppy was born :) and some photos a few hours later. (Thanks Marie x)

I refused to let myself get excited until the puppies had been born, you never really know what will happen and actually when I got a text from Marie to say Ruby was in labour all I could think about was please let her be ok and have an easy time.

I have gone through many pet names along the way and have finally chosen Kaiser, so he can be Kai as a short name, some said you can't call an Australian Kelpie a German name but the Kaiser Chiefs sang Ruby's song!

Cadbury has played with Puck and Tink (Mark and Maries youngsters from Ruby's last litter) when he and they were younger and he loves all the Kelpies he meets - hopefully he will love Kaiser and I will of course have to make sure that Cadbury, Fleet, Fog and Jaf don't feel left out.

A photo of Kaiser at a few hours old with his Mum Ruby giving him a sweet look

Stour Valley

A nice day with great weather at a lovely venue.

There were some interesting courses some of which I was glad I was not in!!

Cadbury did Mini/Mixi pairs with a sweet little Cavalier and they came 5th, in the 4-5 Jumping he missed the weave entry and places went to 6th and there were only 5 clears and Cads was the quickest 5 faults so he came 6th, in the 4-5 Agility we are doing training rounds so the poor wee chap can gain some more experience in case he has to go up a grade and he did a lovely run with good stops on all the contacts and came 3rd.

There was a pay on the day small/medium Agility Open to all Grades - I don't very often enter pay on the days - but our friend Carlos was judging it and I wanted to test some things I had been practising, Cads did a stunning clear and I was sooo pleased with him and he came 3rd.

Fleet was a bit of a goon and in his agility span about a bit, and in the jumping do a lovely run...until....the second to last jump and he ran by it...doh!

Josie did a lovely neat run and came 5th in 4/5 combined Jumping so Roger was pleased.

JaiJai was a bit mad and in his agility missed the up and down on the a-frame and in his jumping had one pole - both runs with the obligitary stunning time!

Little Jaf did a run in small 4/5 Jumping - he had one small hesitation which he did not get faulted for and apart from that he did a nice clear round.

It was an enjoyable weekend but it was a lot of driving (all by me!) so to finally get home and have a good rest was fab :)

The photo is a lovely one that Dennis took at the presentation of the DIN Finals - I did not know he was taking the photo and I think it sums up how I feel about Cadbury!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Lune Valley

During the Winter once a month we make a mad trip "up north" to an indoor venue near Lancaster. Yes its a long way....but I always enjoy the shows there as its very socialable being able to watch lots of agility and chat to people, however with 6 indoor rings it is also very noisy! (chuckle maybe thats lots of people chatting plus all the dogs barking!)

I had booked a BnB at a Farm and we set off Friday lunchtime and as usual with the Friday rush it seemed to take forever to get there and along the way I start to question my sanity!

Anyway onto the show - there were 4 classes per dog (fleet, Cad and JaiJai did 4 - Josie and Jaf just jumping so 2 runs) which was really good and also an Anysize Jumping, it made it hectic though and we still never got round to taking any video!

JaiJai was a star boy and after getting some of his fizz out of his system in his 2 jumping runs that were not clear he then went clear in his 2 agility runs and......he won them both!! So he came 1st in 1-4 Graded Agility and 1st in Combined 1-3 Agility - so thats him well and truly out of Grade 3 then!

Josie is still just doing Jumping at the moment and due to this quite often only gets 1 run so it was nice that she had 2 - she had a pole down in 4/5 Jumping and came 5th in 1-4 Graded Jumping.

Ripley had a lovely run in anysize and ended up having a run off for 1st Place which we won - I did not run Foggy as he had been slightly lame the week before.

Cadbury - I never shout at Cadbury - ok I don't really shout at any of my dogs - but I think I needed to raise my voice a little only cos it was sooooo noisy and I don't think the sweet little chap heard - he popped an extra jump in 4/5 Jumping and ran by the last jump which was at a funny angle in the 1-7 agility. He did a nice clear in 1-7 Jumping but it was a very fast course and he was just outside the places. In 4/5 Agility with only 16 dogs entered I worked my contacts (well dog walk and see saw - he ran the a-frame!) and we came 2nd.

Fleety - well for me today Fleety was a star - he can be such a goon always throwing something in that I don't expect....but not today - he came 2nd in 4-5 Combined Jumping and 2nd in 5-7 Graded Jumping and 3rd in 5-7 Graded Agility.

Jaf - have not really run Jaf that much lately as he had a poorly toe - he seems fine now and did 2 jumping runs - a clear in 1-7 Jumping and with just 5 in the weaves in 4/5 Jumping.

So all in all we had a fab day and were very proud of our gang! Sue had a good day with her dogs with various good places and had a 1st in Jumping with Pixie-dora.

The journey home is always a bit easier if the show has gone well but its still a long way! zzzzz

A Lovely photo of JaiJai taken by Lynn Sheridan not at Lune but back at Tunbridge Wells.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Southdowns - Judging

I am playing catch up here as have got a bit left behind!

An early start to go and Judge at Southdowns - one frustrating bit was that there was some temporary traffic lights 5 mins from the show and at 7am-ish we were sat at the lights in a Q for about 20 mins argh! I hate having to hurry to sort out my course (hence prefer to judge at a weekend show!), luckily we had left in plenty of time and I had enough time to fine tune the course,they actually delayed judging as so many competitors got caught up there.

Below is the course (more of less!) that I used for small 3-5 Combined and Large 3-5 (2 parts), lots of people said they enjoyed the courses even people who did not go clear and for me that always makes it worthwhile. One unfortunate part was that it poured with rain for about the first hour and that was then the smalls were running and some of them were not happy about the weather with one dog running back to its car and one refusing to get off the start-line!

The last class I had was Large Combined 4-5 Jumping, I was pleased with how this ran, most of the faults across both classes were due to the plastic jump poles and in this class a few handlers did not realise that if they ran down the left of the last 2 jumps unless they had a good direction command or were up with the dog some dogs came at the last jump at an angle and ran by, most people saw this and crossed behind the last 2 if they could not be there but it was a shame to see a few good runs spolit by a run by at the last :(

Roger did ok with Josie and JaiJai in Joyce Hazels part of 3-5 Jumping coming 5th with JaiJai and 10th with Josie.

Funny for the day - walked Fleet at lunchtime and he ran off with someones ball on a rope and would not come back....its a bit of a pet hate of mine when people throw toys in a small area - I know I should have a bit more control of Fleet in this situation and its something I am always working on but when a ball sails past his nose for him its very tempting!

It was a long day with nearly maximum number of dogs entered (435) so it was nice to get home and have a rest!

Friday, 5 October 2007


Spending the spare time checking my wap phone for WC updates off to Dashin I went it was a nice friendly show with 5 rings and Sue and I were able to watch a lot of each others runs which was nice.

Must mention Sue dogs results as little Bug Superstar had 3 runs and won them all ! Also Sues young merlie Pixie-Dora won her 3rd jumping class taking her up to Grade 4 with Merc getting a win and places too :)

It was Cadburys first day competing at Grade 5 and as he has been running his contacts really fast and getting them fine but not even thinking about stopping I decided it was time for a little bit of control and got him to do nice controlled stops with lots of praise on the dog walk and a-frame and he came 5th (3-5 Agility), his 3-5 jumping course was a blast and he ran his little socks off and came 4th

Roger was at work so I ran JaiJai who I really enjoy running but he is a bit mad and as I don't train him I don't really get to grips with him - his best run was in Grade 3 Agility where he did a stunning run 2 secs ahead of the leading time but missed the up on the dog walk.

I also ran Josie who I think ran the best for me she has ever done - she had 3 jumping runs (phew no contacts!) and did a lovely 4/5 Jumping clear just knocked out of the places at the end, the other 4/5 jumping we had one 5r (my fault) and she had 1-4 Flick Flack which was great fun a snake of jumps into a pipe another snake into another pipe and then another snake of jumps! Josie came 3rd.

The old boys Rip and Fog had Veteran Jumping - they both did lovely runs Rip came 2nd and Fog 7th. Fleet had a goony agility and in the jumpings a 5r in each but lots of nice bits.

Little Jaf was still resting his bad toe (good job I had enough dogs to run!!) -he scrabbles at the bars of the cage as you get him out of the van and for the 3rd time this year he had hurt his claw, his claws were not too long but his groomer says it can be something poodles do!

Rip had the best placing today so here is a photo of him taken by our friend Lynn Sheridan doing Anysize at Supadogs

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Derby and Paws in the Park

This weekend was a story of two shows....weird as it may seem Roger went to Paws in the Park for a day and I went to Derby and then he joined me. This came about as Derby had been re-scheduled from the end of July and only the original competitors could attend - Roger was only entered on the Sunday at the original Derby Show as he was judging the Power and Speed and Gamblers Finals at the Agility Club Show.

Derby was Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. On Friday it was really windy Cadbury was a bit mad in the wind and got an E in his agility class and got a 2nd in Medium 4-5 Jumping. Poor little Jaf got blown off the dog walk....he seems fine - perhaps in hindsight I should not have run him but I had not seen any other dogs have a problem and later heard of one other dog that got blown off (a sheltie who was also fine). Fleet got a 6th in Grade 5 Agility and a 9th in Grade 5 Jumping.

Saturday was the final of the Adams Derby (a Novice Power and Speed - well for Grade 4 & 5) - Fleet had qualified for the second year and there was one part of the course that worried me and I was right as that was where Fleet had a goony moment (span and barked at me!) he had not got very near to the next jump so did not get faulted and before and after the goony moment worked lovely and came 6th. Last year he came 10th so at least we improved!

Cadbury did a stonking run in Medium 3-5 Agility, I ran right near the start and hoped he might get a good place but there were quite a few dogs there that have beaten him before some of whom were in the DIN Final and beat him there so I wandered over near the end of the class and he had come 1st! I was really surprised and pleased and also glad that he was still running his last grade 4's so it did not win him up to grade 6...that may happen but I would like him to get a bit more experience.

Saturday evening Roger arrived from Paws in the Park - a happy chap as JaiJai had come 2nd in 1-4 Helter Skelter and 11th in 3-5 Agility and Josie came 5th in the other part of 1-4 Helter Skelter.

On Sunday I judged and was finished by lunchtime. I enjoyed my judging and found it interesting seeing the different ways that people tackled various parts of the course. Quite a few people said they enjoyed the courses which always makes it feel worthwhile.

We left quite early and when we got back to where we store our caravan someone else was in our space which was a right pain!

At Derby I saw our friends John and Kate Wykes who I have not seen all year, they have Fleets Dad Tip, big Sister Fly, Brother Jaff and little half Sister Meg so it was lovely to catch up with them and watch their dogs run and get places. They also used to own Fleets Great Grandad and below is a photo of him - Robbie or posh name "Red Robbie of Dalmain"

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


I always like Bromsgrove Show - its in a lovely setting and the people who run the show are all really nice.

Cads was a good little chap and got 3rd in 1-4 Agility and Jumping. He also did lovely clears in the Graded 3-4 Jumping and Agility but they only placed to 1st in the Grade 4 and he would have been 2nd in both classes.

My next job is to work a bit on Cads turns, this is not something I have worked that much on as as I wanted him to have as much go as possible as he is really quite a small Medium dog so needed lots of zippyness!

The other dogs did ok best results being that Fleet had a 5th in G5 Jumping, Josie a 9th in a very tricky 1-7 Jumping, Jaf did a nice clear in a 5-7 Jumping, Rip and Fog both had anysize places, no clears for JaiJai but he did not some bits.

Our training had been cancelled since before Dashin Dogs due to F&M in our area and we were allowed back to the venue last week - it was nice to be back and see everyone and do some training with the dogs - luckily they have allowed training to continue with the most recent F&M outbreak.

I am afriad we have no recent photos or video - below is a photo taken by our friend Lynn Sheridan of Cadbury weaving - I luv the ears!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


It was Rogers turn for the Trophies today :)

JaiJai came 2nd in Grade 3 Jumping AND Josie came 2nd in Grade 4 Jumping - I think Roger must have liked that Judges courses.

Cads had Medium 4-7 Agility and Jumping and they were both set at the top end of this scale - the jumping we went wrong near the start but the agility I did all the tricky bits and then mucked up an easy bit.....doh!
In the Veteran Jumping Rip came 5th and sweet little Foggy came 8th.

Fleet did a nice run on an interesting Grade 5 Jumping and just had one 5R.

A photo of Josie and JaiJai (in Hamsterley Forest) as they both had trophies today!


We had a nice weekend, it was a nice short distance to tow the caravan after Northern Week (only 80-ish miles each way). Roger was working on Saturday so I had all the dogs to run so I had a busy day.
Very proud of the talented Mr Ripley who came 1st in Anysize Jumping, he was Novice when he retired from full height at the end of last year so for him to beat the dogs that retired at Senior and Advanced level who would have always been faster is no mean feat.
Cadbury came 2nd in Medium 4-5 Jumping - he was in a sheltie sandwich as a sheltie came 1st and 3rd!!

Fleet did for him a stunning run in Grade 5 Agility - he was leading till last and final call and I was having kittens as I say Fleet is 50% pure brilliance 50% goon so Grade 5 really is high enogh for him! Luckily Mark Douglas beat us into 2nd right at the end with his young Kelpie Puck - Puck had only been in Grade 5 for one week!

Josie and I don't always run very well as a team as I don't train her and I only run her once a month when her dad is working and also she is only doing jumping at the moment while Roger works on her contacts, she did a lovely run in the Genesis 3-5 Jumping and came 10th :)

Saturday evening saw Roger whizzing down from work and meeting a group of us at a nice pub for our Friend Don's 60th Birthday Dinner, we had a really nice night and a lovely meal.

A photo of Fleet in the Caravan

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Such a busy time of year!

The View from the exercise area at Northern Week

Just catching up now as I have been sooooooo busy! We went to Northern Week in County Durham - I say its a week but its a bit more like 2 weekends as the show is Saturday/Sunday/Monday then Tuesday and Wednesday are days off and then agility again on Thursday and Friday and a half day on Saturday.
Its 300 miles to Northern Week and its always a towing journey I do not enjoy, it just seems to go on and on....I do all the towing as Roger (bless him!) just can't tow in a straight line and more often than not due to his work drives up in his work vehicle after I have left but this year we went together in our van which is nicer having company on such a long journey.

Cadburys classes did not have very high entries but there were some very good dogs there chasing the places (they never go down very far with the rosettes and always seem to round down - we do know this when we enter though as have been going for many years). A very nice lady called Jayne Spriggs has a stunning collie that when it goes clear is unbeatable at the level we were running (nearly all 1-4 classes) I know Jayne was doing her last runs at Grade 4. Also there were a few other very good medium collies and a black kelpie type dog.

Cadbury was a good boy and got round some quite tricky courses - he managed 1st places x 5 - so I was very proud of him. I was especially pleased with Cads run in the TFO where he did 26 obstacles (I was running out of breath by then!) they placed to 2nd and in 2nd place was Amanda Hampsons lovely Toller Minx and she did 28 obstacles. For all of the Medium classes there was a real team spirit with us all watching each others runs and being pleased for others when it went well and commiserating when it didn't :o)

I really like watching the Champ Class and Lisa and Chi came up for this - Chi did some stunning runs and it was such a shame that in the Final he took the start jump again on the way past. There were some excellent runs in the Final with our friend Sue having Merc and Bug in the final., Bug had a small error and Merc did a lovely clear and would have been 3rd or 4th.

JaiJai was a bit of a mad boy all week - he managed 2 clears and got a 3rd and 4th in Agility, Josie had an 11th and 12th in Jumping, Fleet had a 5th in Jumping and Rip a 2nd and 4th in Anysize. No places for Fog and Jaf but they did some nice runs.

On the first day off we went to Hamsterley Forest - a few friends had said it was a nice place to go and walk and you can follow a colour coded walk to save the worry of getting lost!!OpenDocument We followed the Orange Walk and took our time letting the dogs go in and out of the streams for a paddle. Cadbury and Jaf in Hamsterley Forest.

On the second day off we went via Richmond across to Hawes - the scenery as you drive along is so stunning I have to remember to keep my eyes on the road! I said I would not buy any more Jack Wolfskins fleeces (I have a wardrobe full of them) but there was a nice paw prints on it but it needed a new home!

At the show we went to the Quiz and had a alcohol and snack fuelled evening and the big group we sat with split into smaller groups - our Teams came 1st, 2nd and joint 3rd and we all gave our prize money to a dog charity :o)
We went to Trent Park - no great sucess there - Cadbury did a lovely run in his Agility and then went back over the start instead of the finish and did a clear on a very speedy jumping but was just out of the places. Fleet was on the only one getting a place - he came 7th in the Mini/Mixi pairs running with a lovely little Sheltie called Dodger.
I went back to work for a rest zzzzzzz!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Front Cover Star!

Cadbury is on the Front Cover of the Agility Eye :)

Sam a girl I know from a Border Collie Forum asked if I had any photos of my dogs doing Agility and not just collies as her Mum was doing a new cover for the Agility Eye. I have some Fab ones that Lynn Sheridan took so I checked Lynn did not mind and sent a few to Sam and then many months later the Eye has a new cover with Cadbury in the corner and JaiJai jumping across the front!

The photo shows the July issue but it did not come out till the August issue as the printers got flooded.

It will be lovely for our copy of the Eye to arrive each month and to see Cads and JaiJai!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Dashin and DIN

Well we had a great if tiring time at Dashin and DIN. I judged for a day at Dashin which I really enjoyed and lots of people said they liked my courses which always makes it more worthwhile!

Cadbury was a good little chap at Dashin he gained 1st x 2 (one Jumping one Agility -the Agility win taking him up to Grade 5), 2nd x 3, 3rd x 4, and a 4th.

We were helping out so took hardly any videos - luckily Roger got Cads Jumping win

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 8/22/07

The rest of the dogs all got a few places across the Dashin days except Jaf who had a sore toe so was resting! The best places for the other dogs were Josie 5th, JaiJai 7th, Fleet 5th x 2, Fog 2nd in Veteran Pairs and Rip 6th in Veterans.

Roger went home at the end of Dashin as he had to go back to work, he took the oldies Fog and Rip with him as no classes fro them at DIN and also Jaf who was still resting his toe and I went onto DIN.

Blimey there were a lot of Medium Dogs at DIN compared to any other show this year!

Cadburys Classes were all Combined 1-5 and there were up to 130 dogs in the classes and 4 of our 8 runs were qualifiers for the DIN Medium 1-5 Final - I did not have high hopes to do well against so many good dogs but Cadbury was a good boy and had a 9th, 6th, 10th, 12th and 15th and also a 4th in Medium Pairs.

His 3 places in the qualifiers put him in 4th place out of the 15 dogs that qualified and in the final he did a lovely clear round and came 4th - I was sooooo proud of him. Amanda bought me a lovely photo of him and I kept proudly showing it to everyone!

Thanks to Dennis for the photo of Cadbury in the Final :)

Mark Douglas videoed the Final at DIN so hopefully I will be able to get a copy.

I enjoyed running Fleet, JaiJai and Josie at DIN. I think the weaves had to be re-pegged after each of JaiJai's runs as he is such a whirlwind through them - he had no clears but lots of stunning bits. Fleet had a 10th, 12th and a 5th on a very hard jumping course which started jump pull though and I went the long way round jump one so did no pull through chuckle!! I only had 4 runs at DIN with Josie as she is allergic to contacts at the moment - we managed a 17th with a detour on the course!

Returned home to loads of washing and was worn out, have been letting the dogs especially little Cads just chill for a couple of days with no training and just gentle walks.

Well Done to everyone else who did brilliantly with their dogs - I tend to think that good results are a sign of a good partnership between dog and handler.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Off on Holidays (again!)

Well it does not seem that long since we went to the Lake District for a week and now we are off on holiday again!

We should have gone already going up to High Peak on the way to Dashin Dogs but High Peaks was cancelled due to flooded ground, to be honest that one made me a little cross as they cancelled very early "just in case there was more rain" and more rain was not expected and now we have a heatwave!!

On a more serious note and of course a huge amount more important than Agility there has been F&M found local-ish to where we live - I hope its able to be dealt with in the best possible way.

So off to Dashin Dogs shortly, the competitions are Mon/Tue/Wed and Thursday is a day off, then competing again Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then on Monday I am off to Ipswich for DIN with some of the dogs and Roger is coming home as he has to work, he chooses Dashin over DIN as for his dogs the classes are better (and I get more holiday from work!). He is taking the 2 old chaps (Rip and Fog) home with him as they have no classes at DIN and its less dogs for me to share my time over but blimey I will miss them!

At Dashin I am Judging on the Tuesday so I am looking forward to that, and on Wednesday evening there is the Final of the Lazer Pairs and then on Thursday morning the Final of the Team Dash - I like watching Finals :)

We are due to help out a bit at Dashin, ring managing one day and helping another day as well as the Judging, Emma and Nigel who run the show are really nice and they do look after the people who help.

Good Luck and have fun to all our agility blogger friends in the meantime. See some of you at DIN.

A photo of Cadbury when he was younger.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Cadbury!

Wow the little man is 2 today - the time has just flown by - blimey he was small in that picture - I could not get him to stay still so tied him to a bench to take his photo on one of his first ever walks!

I love the little furry scruffy chap to bits he really is so cute and so comical and the fact that he also enjoys his agility is a bonus.

He is currently asleep on my feet under the computer chair - bless him. They broke the chocolate mould after this one was born and I am very lucky that he is my little chocolate dream.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Another Cancelled Agility Show

What a shame Derby Show is cancelled. I was looking forward to Judging and had spent some time planning my courses, this was the 3rd time they had asked me - the previous 2 years I had reasons I could not Judge there and this year I said Yes and show is cancelled due to a flooded venue - which of course is the most sensible decision for the club to make.

Also Fleet was due to be in the Adams Derby Final (for those who have not seen it a Power and Speed for Large "Novice" Dogs) and not being the sort of person to qualify for loads of finals I was really looking forward to this and was very proud of Fleet that he qualified. Maybe the Final will be re-scheduled :) Photo below is Fleet in the Final last year (he came 10th with one goony moment!)

I have loads of things to catch up on at home and will take the dogs for some nice long walks. Roger is at the Agility Club Show on Saturday - I had entered JaiJai and Josie there for him as he is due to Judge the Finals of the Easter Celebration Gamblers and Power and Speed. He will just go and run JaiJai as Josie has been in season the last few weeks. I was asked on Thursday evening if I would like to go and spend the weekend ring managing at the Agility Club Show as someone who was due to couldn't as they had a back back, I declined as going and watching other people run their dogs when I would like to run mine just did not appeal!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Digit the Smart Car

This is not really Cadbury related but he has been in my car! In fact I can fit a cage in the boot area big enough to hold both poodles - but its really not big enough for my collies!

Where I work at Police HQ the parking is very difficult with cars everywhere and not enough spaces and so having a very small car seemed a good idea so about 4 years ago I bought a Smart Car. These cars have to have a name (it says so on the websites I visited!) so mine is called Digit, getting the name as his colour is called numeric blue as he is covered with numbers.

Today Digit had to go to the garage to have a service, MOT and a few other bits done - blimey the bill was £696 !!! Ah but Digit is worth it as it is much easier to park at work and he gets me safely to work from Farnham to Guildford every day! Here is Digit:-

Newlands Part Two

Yippeeee the Show was able to go ahead, the main field was rested for the rest of Friday and all day Saturday with no vehicles driving on it and we only had a little more rain and it dried out really well. On Saturday we even carried all the Premier equipment from the hard standing to the 7 rings to save the ground from their 4x4's.

I help in the Secretaries area in the barn and do nearly all the announcements- I used to get cross that people made very poor attempts at the dogs names so I got the job!

Very pleased for our Blogger friends that did well especially Nancy and Niamh with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd and going up into Grade 6, Bernadette with Hex and Zen getting 1sts and other places and Lisa and Chi with a 2nd and Karen and Corrie with a 3rd and Lian and Saturn for 5th x 2.

Roger got 7th in Grade 3 Agility with JaiJai so he was pleased.

My dogs did not get to see me that much and I felt bad about this and it was rather a surprise to me that I did ok with them, a couple of courses I did not walk and others I only whizzed round once as I just happened to be nearby.

This was Cadburys first show in Grade 4 - it did not really make a difference to his Sunday classes as they were Jumping and Agility Combined 3-5 - he did a lovely run in the Jumping and came 2nd - the Agility I was a little unsure how to handle the part after the weaves as I had rushed to do the run and was last to go and had no-one to watch and I think I made him pop out the last weave so I just took my own line to the finish.

Rip bless him came 2nd in Veteran Jumping and and little red boy Fog came 6th. Jaf had a nice clear in the 3-5 Small Jumping.

Fleet was a very good big red dog with no "goony" moments - he came 7th in Grade 5 Jumping and just knocked a pole in his agility and he came....1st in the Grade 5 Helter Skelter - it really was not a Fleety course - lots of switch behinds and call over jumps which can turn him into a barking spinning dog - I was very proud of him :) He last won a class in July 2006 (a Novice Jumping). The course is below as best as I can remember it (thanks Lian yep just click on the course to make it bigger!)

All the organisers were very tired and I sat at work on Monday (luckily its my short day at work!) willing my shift to end so I could go home and chill out! We normally train on a Monday, but not the night after the show so it was nice to spend an evening at home.

Busy time and Newlands Part One

It has been a busy time recently with the preparations for Newlands Show. We were doomed with the weather and it was a very difficult decision to have to cancel firstly the camping and then the first day of the show, but by doing this we did manage to have the Sunday of the show.

Above is Foggy wondering why his Veteran Jumping course was looking a bit wet! No animal was harmed in the taking of the photo (i.e. he stood in the puddle of his own free will..!!)

Above is rain water pouring into the barn - while the men had to lift the fridges onto pallets to keep them out of the water and they put straw bales up against the door to try and stop the water!

To continue in part two!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Was a nice show with great weather. I really enjoyed the courses - not meaning that I got loads of clears or places just that I stood on the start line and felt we could get round!

Fleet got a 4th in a part of 1-5 Jumping (with a twizzle), Cadbury had a 4th in 1-5 Agility on the Saturday and a Clear in a speedy 1-5 Jumping. Sunday Cadbury came 3rd in 1-5 Jumping and had a messy clear in 1-7 Agility. The trophies are really fab at Rugby "Majestic Crystal" so it was brill that Cadbury took a Rugby Trophy home with him (I must take some photos of Cadbury and his rosettes/trophies). Rip got a place in Anysize. Roger had no clears but his dogs worked ok.

What was really nice was that all the rings had finished by the Champ Final so loads of people were able to sit round the ring and watch. The Small CC was won by Nicky and her ickle OBay Sheltie Indy and Bernadette and Zen winning the Medium CC - an Obay double - I joked to Bernadette that she should breed large dogs to get the treble!

Mark Douglas and the lovely Ruby won the large CC and we celebrated with them and others till very late zzzzzzz

Below is the 1-5 Medium Jumping (as best I can remember) that Cadbury came 3rd in - it was a really interesting course. If anyone knows how I can make the course bigger please tell me!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Wellingborough/St Edwards

Wellingborough was a nice show - they are a friendly bunch and they play music over the PA all day, no places for Cads but he did some good bits just making baby errors. Fleet had a 6th in 1-7 Tunnel vision (what a fun course!) and a 9th in 3-5 Agility. Rip got 3rd in Anysize and Fog 4th. I ran Josie and JaiJai who did not go clear but both did some nice bits.

St Edwards - Blimey it was hot today - strange UK weather - its either raining or hot!

The Mediums had 4 runs which was really nice but......3 of the runs clashed badly and with not huge numbers it was then very hot and hectic! Cadbury got a 4th in Medium 1-3 Combined Agility, he seemed a bit worried on the up plank of the dogwalk for some reason and kept stopping, he is not a worrier normally so it was a bit weird but he seemd ok on the dog walk in his other class later. He also got a 3rd in Medium 3-5 Combined Agility - really pleased with this run as Simon Chandler set a course needing some handling and what I planned worked ok! Then an E in the next jumping run at a confusing bit of the course for us both!! On the 3rd run in a row Cadbury went on strike in the weaves!

Roger had a star red dog as he got a 3rd in Grade 3 Agility with JaiJai and with Josie 16th in G4-5 Jumping.

I had fun in the Anysize as I had 3 dogs entered and took them all to the ring (and groom Roger!) normally I just have 2 (Rip and Fog) but so Jaf did not feel left out as there were no small dog classes I entered him as I knew he would not be taking a place from dogs who normally run in anysize but for him he did a really nice clear and Rip came 2nd and Fog came 13th.

Tonight I was sat wondering how many points Cadbury had towards his Silver Agility Warrant (although I have not yet sent off for the Bronze which he got enough points for at the end of May) so I added up the points and am very proud of him as he now has enough points for his Silver Agility Warrant - bless him :)


Barrow started on Friday at 10am (what a nice time for a show to start!), there had been very heavy rain over the Thursday night but the ground at the showground had held up well.

Friday - there were some really nice courses today - not easy peasy or anything just that all the ones I ran in seemed about right for the level - Cadbury got 3rd in Medium 1-4 Combined Jumping, and 7th in Medium Combined 1-7 Jumping. Fleet got 7th in 4-5 Agility and Josie got 4th in 1-4 Combined Collie Jumping.

Saturday - today it was raining on and off , Cadbury got 5th in a speedy 1-3 Graded Jumping and 8th in 1-7 Combined Agility (Judge Peter Elms - he likes poodles!), Josie was 2nd in 3-4 Graded Jumping, little Jaf bless him does not normally have to run in the rain but he was in pairs with a nice brown poodle called Lucy and he did a nice run and they came 6th.

Sunday - I did most of my runs in the morning and Cadbury came 2nd in Medium 1-4 Graded Agility, Rip came 1st in Veteran Jumping and Foggy came 4th. JaiJai came 1st in Combined 1-4 dogs (out of an entry of 251 dogs and yippee he kept all the plastic poles up!), Josie came 6th and 7th in Jumpings (a theme here her contacts are very naughty!).

At Lunchtime the rain started very heavily and did not stop - mid afternoon I decided to pack the caravan away and not do my last runs as the rain got heavier and the ground could just not drain away quick enough. Sadly they then announced a lady who went off to hospital in the morning had died and the rest of the show was cancelled.

So apart from the sad ending we really enjoyed our week in the Lake District it was lovely to have some agility and some time to explore and Roger and I were really pleased with our dogs who all worked really well.

This is a photo of the view from the showground

The holiday bit!

So Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were days off so we went exploring!

Tuesday we went to the Lakes and to a very pretty village called Grasmere, my favourite shop in the world is in this village as its a shop that only sells Jack Wolfskin things, we also found a brilliant walk for the dogs, heres Josie with some lovely scenery.

On Wednesday Roger, Claudine and Carlos wanted to go and climb a mountain - I am awful at climbing mountains so I said I would stay with the dogs so they took Rip, Betty and Jag and the other 8 dogs stayed with the Venue on the Wednesday all for charity they had training sessions with various people, I did not book to go on any but had a little wander round to have a watch and in the afternoon once the mountainers were back there was some fun competions and I had a go in a couple of these. The Mountain they climbed was called Inglebrough Hill and it was 723 metres high and here is Rip at the top.

On Thursday Claudine, Carlos, Roger and I went to White Scar Caves at Ingleton, these were fascinating and went about 1/2 a mile underground and there was a guide to take you, here is a silly photo of us before we went in

Roger and I then went round the very pretty village of Ingleton and had lunch before taking the dogs for a lovely walk along a river.

Well not much about Cadbury in this post! Barrow report to follow!