Thursday, 6 November 2008

Popping back.....

Thought I would pop back and put a little update on the blog...I say little and then the keyboard will run away with me...! I keep reading everyone elses blogs and for various reasons have not updated my own....bad bad blogger!

KC Fest - enjoyed judging and competed with Cad, Fleet and also some runs with Joyce Hazel's little tri BC Jovi - if my memory is right I think the only place I got was with Jovi - a 5th with a messy clear.

DIN - some pants weather but Fleet and Cads ran well, Cad had a 2nd in Agility and also qualified for the 5-6 Medium Final - coming 5th in the Final

Dashin Dogs - judged there too - and only competed for 2 days - Cads won his last Grade 5 Agility and got a 2nd in Jumping.

Summer at Ely - got a few places here - Cad came 1st in TYOL, also popped (haha) up to the Dog Vegas Final with Fleet - he got E-d at a really tricky part but was pleased with how he ran the rest.

Letchworth - did 2 days at this show and got a few places - including a 2nd with Joyce's Jovi.

Trent Park - no places here but Fleet and Cads ran well :)

Wrexham and Oswestry were cancelled due to bad weather :(

Prestbury Park - I think this one was nearly cancelled due to bad weather but actually dried out very well and was at the most beautiful venue - got a few places including a 3rd with Cad :)

Bromsgrove - again a show I really like - got a few places here including a 7th with JaiJai which I was really pleased about as he does not go clear very often!

Dashin Dogs - Cadbury got his first win at Grade 6 (Graded 6-7 Agility) yay for the little brown scruffy dog - very proud of him :) Cad also had a 3rd. Got a few other places with the other dogs including a 3rd in Grade 5 Agility with Fleety :)

Dashin was the last weekend of the Voice Points and I now know that Cadbury has won the Medium Grade 5 Section in the Voice and by quite a margin I am so very proud of him :)

Lune Valley - just a small trip mmmm a lovely show and venue though (indoors yay I like indoor shows!) Cad got a 2nd in 6/7 Combined Agility so well pleased with that place and I got a few other places too.

Downland - just recently judged at Downland in the morning and enjoyed that and then had a nice time chatting to people and watching agility in the afternoon!

Phew that's up to date I think - sorry it's just a list but did not want to make it war and peace!

I do have a photo of Cad in the DIN Final - I must scan that as it's a nice one.

Bye for now, Lorna x