Thursday, 6 November 2008

Popping back.....

Thought I would pop back and put a little update on the blog...I say little and then the keyboard will run away with me...! I keep reading everyone elses blogs and for various reasons have not updated my own....bad bad blogger!

KC Fest - enjoyed judging and competed with Cad, Fleet and also some runs with Joyce Hazel's little tri BC Jovi - if my memory is right I think the only place I got was with Jovi - a 5th with a messy clear.

DIN - some pants weather but Fleet and Cads ran well, Cad had a 2nd in Agility and also qualified for the 5-6 Medium Final - coming 5th in the Final

Dashin Dogs - judged there too - and only competed for 2 days - Cads won his last Grade 5 Agility and got a 2nd in Jumping.

Summer at Ely - got a few places here - Cad came 1st in TYOL, also popped (haha) up to the Dog Vegas Final with Fleet - he got E-d at a really tricky part but was pleased with how he ran the rest.

Letchworth - did 2 days at this show and got a few places - including a 2nd with Joyce's Jovi.

Trent Park - no places here but Fleet and Cads ran well :)

Wrexham and Oswestry were cancelled due to bad weather :(

Prestbury Park - I think this one was nearly cancelled due to bad weather but actually dried out very well and was at the most beautiful venue - got a few places including a 3rd with Cad :)

Bromsgrove - again a show I really like - got a few places here including a 7th with JaiJai which I was really pleased about as he does not go clear very often!

Dashin Dogs - Cadbury got his first win at Grade 6 (Graded 6-7 Agility) yay for the little brown scruffy dog - very proud of him :) Cad also had a 3rd. Got a few other places with the other dogs including a 3rd in Grade 5 Agility with Fleety :)

Dashin was the last weekend of the Voice Points and I now know that Cadbury has won the Medium Grade 5 Section in the Voice and by quite a margin I am so very proud of him :)

Lune Valley - just a small trip mmmm a lovely show and venue though (indoors yay I like indoor shows!) Cad got a 2nd in 6/7 Combined Agility so well pleased with that place and I got a few other places too.

Downland - just recently judged at Downland in the morning and enjoyed that and then had a nice time chatting to people and watching agility in the afternoon!

Phew that's up to date I think - sorry it's just a list but did not want to make it war and peace!

I do have a photo of Cad in the DIN Final - I must scan that as it's a nice one.

Bye for now, Lorna x

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Last Catch up!

Ok having a rest from packing as off to the KC festival in a little while - am on a little tour - Roger does the start and the end as he has to come back for work.

Right quick re-cap - I have had mixed emotions about updating - someone at a show took the $%£& and said that Blogs were just somewhere that people bragged.....and I knew my next posting was about my little fluffy star going Grade 6........Sue put well done on the forum and so many people said well done and that was really sweet. I love all the blogs - photos, courses, videos and reading about what all our agility friends have got up to so I will still Blog and if my dogs do ok I will put it in the Blog and if anyone does not like that well don't read the Blogs !!!

Ok Lune and Barrow - I had fingers crossed for nice weather but it did not really work - we had a good break even though the weather could have been nicer - at least it was a "proper" showground so when it rained there were roadways and the ground drained well.

I judged the first day - Large 1-2 Agility - I did not know that many of the people in the class but it was still enjoyable and an Fab Springer Spaniel won the class :) Then I had Small 1-7 Jumping - Bernadette and Hex won this class - then it was Lazer Pairs with Carlos as the other judge ....mmm well some of the people seemed a bit dippy and did not even understand "indicate to show you are ready" so through the wind and rain we got there in the end!

I had decided that I would just run Cadbury how I know he can and see what happens - if he went Grade 6 then so be it....that's not bragging honest and I do know that the standard of Mediums at Grade 6 and 7 is a real different ball game. He already had 2 jumping wins so a jumping or an agility would move us up.

Well he got a 2nd in 4/5 Jumping and then a 2nd in Graded 1-7 Agility and a 7th in 4-7 Combined Agility (Dave Hutchinsons course that Bernadette talked about on her blog with the tunnel under the dog walk), then we got the win - a 1st in Graded 1-7 Agility - bless him he did a lovely run and the judge was Michael Bye who always sets nice courses (no I am not just saying that cos I won!!).

Fleet had a week of 5-fault-itis - and only one decent clear a 6th in Grade 5 Agility. Ripley had great fun in the Veterans and got some great places.

Roger got a 3rd, 4th and 6th with JaiJai - wow thats good for them they don't go clear very often! Josie had a 9th.

Next Show Wellingborough........The Saturday was Euk day so a bit more busy and on the Saturday Cad got a 3rd in 5-7 Combined Agility - really pleased with that - bless him. Roger got a 4th with JaiJai - wow they are getting consistant - Rena would have been very proud :) Josie got contacts too and a lower place in agility :) Rip got 3rd and 4th in Anysize - I am not telling him he is 12 and a bit :)

Next Stop Rugby.....Cadbury was due to due Crufts Team with Rosie and Disney, Alan and Jude, and Susie and Lucy - but while we were up at the Lakes along with Martin and Dillon when they were at Lansdown the Team Qualified - so well done to them. We were still abel to run for competition whcih was nice - Susie and Lucy were resting up for the EO so Disney, Cad, Jude and Dillon ran and we all went clear and came 1st yay. Cad also got a 1st in Medium 1-7 Graded Agility. Rip has places in Anysize - Fog still does these classes as well but he is not so fast but really it's not about the places as the look on their faces when they go and run is Fab :)

Next stop Newlands Show.....well this was one of the things that took up a lot of my time and prevented me from Blogging (yes I know I nip on and off the forum but Blogging takes memory and brainpower!) I was the Show Sec for the first time and also somehow kept all the jobs I did in previous years hmmmmm! To say I was proud that my dogs worked ok is an understatement as I really felt they got so little of my time - Cad got 1st in 4-5 Agility, 2nd in 3-5 Jumping and 3rd in 4-5 Jumping yay gooo fluffy! Fleet had 3 clears bl;ess him but messy in all of them....this was probably as I was trying to rush and he and I get flustered - the blips put us out of the places in the jumping but he got 12th in the Grade 5 Agility.

Now this next one seemed a good idea but I was cream crackered! I had entered Chipping Norton the day after Newlands - actually it was very relaxing - 4 rings and run by nice people - one funny incident with a judge who had a paddy (not with me!) and there was lots of time to watch other peoples runs while sitting around the rings. Cad was an angel - he had a very hard 1-7 Agility and he got to number 16 clear and then jumped it the wrong way (it was hard!) and missed a pull through int he jumping and did get one place a 9th in Jump and Go - weird class - a time jumping course that if you are clear you get to do the untimed agility. Fleet got 9th in 4/5 Agility and Rip got 7th in a tricky Anysize.

Really I should add some all this text must be getting dull......I did take a few on my phone in the Lake District.....but have not downloaded them yet!

Next Stop Derby Show - Fleet was in the Adams Derby Final (Novice Power and Speed) and I also I hate Newbury so off to Melton Mowbray we went - OMG it was soooooooooooo hot! I think the hottest I have ever been at a show! Fleet was ok in his final - got round the agility bit ok but then took the wrong jump in the jumping - the jumping is normally speedy but it was quite a handling course with a tricky weave entry - Pat Brown won and made it look easy!

Roger was at work on the Saturday so I could to run his dogs - there was a heat of the Adamsn Derby and I got all 3 dogs onto the power bit so was pleased about that - only one clear int he jumping was Fleet and he was running NFC ! JaiJai did a fab 4-5 Graded Agility with just one pole - there were only a few clears and he came 5th! Fleet got 9th in the Novice KC and 9th in 4-5 Jumping. Cad was running well despite the heat (not sure about me!) and was doing a lovely agility and then just had a run-by - he had a coupel fo jumping courses that were almost 4 straight lines - bless him he tried but he does not have the length of leg or turn of speed to compete against the bigger dogs on these kind of courses. He did a lovely run a 4-5 Jumping and I watched others go and was very surprised that we came 1st - I thought they looked quicker than us and the course had a few bits to work but no majoyr traps as such. Rip got 3rd and 4th in the Anysize again and Fog also got a place (10th).

Yay nearly up to date now....! Next stop Burridge -a show on a Friday - weird! Friday is my day to ty and catch up on stuff at hoem but this show was sooo local - 20 mins down the road! One ring and very laid back - I only had two runs with Fleet - no places but he did some nice bits. Roger had taken the day off to go and he got no clears :( ! Back to Burridge on my own on Saturday as Roger was at work - Cads missed the weave entry in the 1-5 Agility - he went to the number - he has never done that before! Went clear in the KC Medium but with some very good dogs there he was just out of the places. Our friend Joyce was in hospital (is out now) so she had very kindly said that I could do a couple of runs with her speedy medium collie Jovi - that dog is awesome! I had run Jovi once at training a few weeks back but only over 5 things so were did our best but we not used to each other - her best run was 1-5 agility with just a missed weave entry (as Cad did that too it must be me!). Fleet did pairs with Matt and Buddy and I was very proud that they came 6th.

oooo nearly there.......on Sunday we went to Aylesbury. The ground was rather bumpy and the weather a bit pants too! Bless him I think the ground did affect little Cad as he is not a pole knocker and whizzed round two courses only to have one pole in each. His last run was in a ring where I think the ground was a bit more even and he got a 2nd in Jumping (3-5 Graded). Rip won the Anysize Jumping - bless him it was an interesting course and he whizzed round it! Foggy came 10th. Roger did two runs each with Josie and JiaJai with no clears and I think he was then determined to go clear and got them both clear round 4-5 Graded Agility - JaiJai did what I think was the best round ever and came 2nd - the dog that won is a brilliant dog already Grade 5 and Josie a little behind JaiJai on time but still clear and came 3rd :) No places for Fleet and he did slip on a corner on one run so I checked him and came out - luckily he seems fine.

Right that is me all caugh up sorrreeeee for being so bad at updating and sorrree that there is no photos. Now off on an Agility Tour so will promise to try and update more often when I get back!

Good Luck to all our Agility Friends - especialy those in Semis or Finals. Lorna x

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I am the baddest Blogger!

Ok not quite but I have been sooo bad at updating recently......various reasons really, been very busy at work as I have been working on a project, then I am Show Sec for Newlands Show which is this Saturday, making sure I spend enough time with the dogs etc etc!

I will do a little recap....Axstane...nothing that exciting to report from here - Cad only had one class as a Grade 5 where he was not competing against G6/7's not really sure thats very fair....saying that the one run he had just aganst 5's was 5-7 Graded and we threw that as if I wanted to do the KC Fest Novice thing (which I know I will balls up now!) then he had to stay in G5 for that weekend. A nice lady with a little Pap had asked me to do Mini/Mixi with her with Cad and they actually make a very sweet pair - they came 14th so that was cool - it was just bizarre running Cad on a course that had small and medium jumps very near each other and I was proud to stop him doing any small jumps!

Ok will do the Lake District ten days at Lune and Barrow in the next post.....(or maybe get some zzzzzz!!)

Friday, 13 June 2008


Well I went to Wyre and Roger went to Thames !! Last year we both went to Wyre as Rip was in the Veteran Jumping Final (he came 2nd in it bless him) and we both thought it was a lovely show in a idylic part of the country so I wanted to go again and as I don't work on Friday I could spend Friday travelling up. Roger sort of (haha!) works on Friday and also he had to work on the Saturday so really it was way too far for him to drive up after work on the Saturday so....Sue, Duessa and I stayed at a posh BnB.

At Thames Roger had entered 3 classes on the Saturday in case he got finished work early - he did get there in time to do one class but it was a hard course for JaiJai (he tells me!) and he got E-d. On the Sunday he was paired up with a French lady who was coming over from France for the weekend - Josie was with her Merle collie and they came 17th in the Chum Pairs and also Roger got a 9th in Grade 4 Jumping with Josie.

Wyre...a lovely show - 4 runs for the large dogs - Fleet had all 3-5's - 2 combined and 2 graded each day - people have said that it's not fair on the Grade 3's to run in combined 3-5 but actually the 3's seem to do very well and I know of 3 grade 3 dogs that won combined 3-5's over the weekend :) I know Mediums is not quite the same but Cad used to beat Grade 5's when he was running at grade 3 :)

Fleet only had one clear and he got 6th in 3-5 combined Jumping - he seemed to have 5-fault-itis! Rip did a lovely run in Veteran Jumping and came 5th.

I had got this far into the year with Cads and he was still Grade 5 so I had two more weeks to stay in Grade 5 if I wanted to compete at DIN and the KC Festival as a "Novice" so this was what I decided I wanted to do - have fun but not worry too much about places - bless him with a very held dog walk contact he came 3rd in Medium 4-5 Agility and worked well in his other classes. We had a Medium 1-7 Jumping and I quite liked the course it had the course and thought it would be fun to try out a few things that I would do in training but perhaps not be brave enough to do in the ring - Cad whizzed round and then Sue told me I was in the lead??? Bug would have of course beaten Cad but she had a pole down, Nooooooo I can't be in the lead in 1-7 (Cads needs either one jumping or one agility to take him to Grade 6......) class closing in 2 mins.....2 more dogs appeared one a collie that I know is not at all speedy and a black terrier I did not know - well thankfully the black terrier (a lovely dog I now know is called Morph - what a cool name!) beat us and I was very pleased to come 2nd.

Poor Cad he must be the only dog that has an umambitious handler! One more weekend and then he can go up a grade if he really has to.....I know he does not have the speed or length of leg up against the speedy mediums but we shall continue to have fun :)

This post includes a few more of Ians photos (Cad) - thanks Ian :) and some photos that Sue took (Fleet and Rip) - thanks Sue :)


Pads is a nice show run by a friendly group of people. Also there are a good seltection of classes and the dogs get quite a few runs. Roger and I had been asked to ring manage for our friend Don Nunn who was judging - this was interesting in that the ring party was made up of people given a one hour to slot to help many of whom did not turn up and I know a lot of them were there but I could nto be bothered with the hassle of chasing round after them. Yes I know their one hour slot might not have been at a good time for them but they could have come along at another time during the day....grrr moan over! So Many Thanks to some friends especially Joy and Linda who both helped loads which really made our life a lot easier.

I have made some lovely friends competing in the Medium Classes, one thing thats really nice is that we all can offer advice to each other when walking the course, have got to know each other and the dogs, can commiserate when things don't go to plan and celebrate when things do - of course we have these friends at our own clubs but these are people spread all over the country which for me is the really nice part of this. One of these nice people Mike who has a lovely Medium Blue Border Collie called Gemma has a friend called Ian who comes along to a lot of the shows and Ian has started to take photos of the dogs competing so here is one of Cads:-

My dogs did really well on the Saturday:- Cad got 2nd in Medium 3-5 Graded Agility (the Grade 5 bit) and 4th in Medium 3-5 Combined Jumping. Fleet got 5th in 3-5 Combined Jumping and a 10th in 3-5 Combined Agility and also got through a few round of the knockout running with Matt and Buddy - we only needed to get through one more round to qualify but maybe it's best that we didn't as it means that Matt can still run in the next heat with Tasha and Sue! It was really nice that the Veterans had two runs - a Veteran Jumping (Rip came 5th) and an Anysize Jumping (Rip came 5th and Fog came 8th).

We went out for a nice meal with Don and Christine on the Saturday evening at a local pub that we have been to before.

On the Sunday Cads had one messy clear in a really tricky agility - he really did not want to go back up the course and do a jump as he had spied the see-saw and really wanted to do that - cheeky little chap! The rest of my runs with Fleet and Cads had some good bits just not clear. Fog went clear in Anysize (he only does anysize now as the higher jumps in Veteran he can't manage...:(...) Rip got 7th in Anysize and 9th in Veteran Jumping.

Monday, 2 June 2008

I keep getting behind!

Oh dear I am have such good intentions and then they fall by the wayside! I will try and do a quick re-cap of what we have been up to.

Mad Weekend - it seemed like a good idea on the weekend of 17th/18th May to go to Ribble for their one day (inside!) show and then nip (haha) across to Dog Vegas for the Sunday - Roger was working on the Saturday and he wanted to compete on the Sunday and that was the only show just about within reach....phew it was a lot of driving though!

At Ribble Cads got a 2nd in 4/5 Agility and a 3rd in 1-7 Helter Skelter, Fleet got a 3rd in 5-7 Jumping and I got clears with Josie and JaiJai just out of the places (JaiJai's runs were taken very steady due to the plastic poles!) and Rip did a lovely run in a clear round only Anysize. I nearly left JaiJai behind...long story...!

Dog Vegas was ok - nice to have 4 runs with Cads however they were all 5-7 combined and small in number and the standard was very good with speedy legged G7 and Ag Ch collies there - bless him he did lovely clears in the jumpings and was 1 and 2 out of the places. Fleet came 4th in 3-5 Agility - afterwards I found out it was a Dog Vegas Qualifier and the first 4 qualify for a final in August - with shows and travelling I am not sure we can attend but its nice to qualify. Rip had a place in Anysize. Roger had no clears but his dogs did some good bits.

hmmmm Supadogs...well there has already been lots of postings on the weather/river is a flood plain so it was only really a matter of time and after two nights in the caravan with hardly any sleep due to rain and high winds I was actually glad to get home to walls made of bricks...much as I luv my caravan! Roger was working the first day and so I had his two to run...I got a 9th in Grade 4 Jumping with Josie and an 11th in Grade 5 Jumping with Fleet and JaiJai did an awesome run in 3/4 Agility just spoiled by going into the second weave. On the Sunday Fleet got a 20th in a large in number 4/5 Jumping. Rip and Fog had clears in Vets/Anysize.

I cancelled 2 days leave and went back to work - the weather was not that nice and I would rather save the leave to take at another time.

Phew I thinks that's it I have caught up - need to do a separate posting on Pads Show.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Tunbridge Wells

We drove each day as Roger was judging on the Sunday and I did not fancy having to pack away after he had finished judging and take the caravan back to storage on the way home.

On the Saturday Fleet had a nice clear in Grade 5 Jumping and came 6th. He also had a messy clear in the Chum Team but some of our Team mates were not clear. Fleet came 11th in the KC Novice which I was pleased about as he worked it nicely and had to wait for me to catch up on the contacts! No clears again for Roger and his two.

On the Sunday I had three early runs - Rip had Veteran Jumping and came 6th, Foggy had a clear in Anysize, and Fleets Team were drawn quite early in the Crufts Team and we all went clear - Pia and Maisie, Sue and Millie, Nigel and Shaya and Me and Fleet. We kept popping back to see how far we had been knocked down and we hadn't the class was closed and we had won the Crufts Team - wow so pleased and off to Crufts we go - March 2009 seems a loooong way away!

Fleet did a stunning run in Grade 5 Jumping - even having to do 6 weaves on the other side which is not his strong point and if he is clear I don't tend to try but the course meant you really had to so we gave it a go. My wow and amazement continued as he went into the lead and stayed there - 1st. Yay what a Superstar Fleety- I was very proud of him :) To bring us down to earth Fleet had a messy clear in 3-5 Jumping stopping dead in his tracks at one point cos I was trying to switch behind and came 22nd! Fleet had a Grade 5 Agility which I decided not to do - I had done almost the same course with Cad for the KC Medium and the ring was like half as wide again as a normal ring - just the sort of course to make Fleet spin/bark/come back to me.

Cad missed the weaves in the Kc Medium - it was a hard entry and I thought I would let him see if he could find it and he missed out a jump in the 4-5 Jumping.

Here is a photo of Fleet with his trophies from Tunbridge and also Shrewsbury - I really tried to get a close up of the Shrewsbury one which was sooo cool and had a dog weaving inside the block of crystal.

Roger had a small breakthough in that for a change he was entered in Agility with Josie he has been on and off trying to re-train her contacts as they were so awful - she had a nice clear in Grade 4 Agility - the contacts were a little too slow ofr a place but at least she got them and he worked them well to the floor and praised her before releasing.


Just a short post on Vyne - still trying to catch up on the last few weeks!

It was lovely to be back running Cads but I feel a bit rusty with him. Bless him he did three clear rounds - a messy 1-7 KC, a messy 5-6 Agility and a nice clear on a flowing 4-5 Jumping - he was just out of the places in the Jumping and here is a photo kindly taken by Arthur of Cad in the jumping

Fleet did a clear on a nice Grade 5 Jumping but it was a rather up and down course and he was just out of the places. He did a lovely run on 3-5 Jumping and I got 3 reverses in that I did not think I could so was well pleased with that and then we had the last pole down. He was a goon in his Grade 5 Agility.

It was Rips Birthday - he was 12 and he got placed in the Anysize and Foggy also went clear.

Roger had some nice runs including a messy clear with Josie but no places.

Friday, 16 May 2008


Fiona kindly saved me a camping space as I had Cad at the Vets in the morning and I was worried I would get there late and be parked in the back of beyond, I had a good journey there and it was a nice spot to camp with only a short walk to the rings - Ta Fiona :)

This was Cads first show back after the ear-ole issues....well even though the Vet said he was fine I ran him like a pansy in the first run thinking oh gawd if I whizz him through the weaves or anywhere and he knocks his ear I will feel he ran a nice steady clear round looking at me a bit bemused on the way round and was just out of the places. In the next run I thought lets just try and run as normal and he was whizzing round and then .....he got blown off the dog walk! He landed on his feet and seemed fine - thank gawd! He did a lovely run in the KC Medium Class till jump 18....and an E in a jumping class and the pairs. It was nice to be back running him again though :)

Now a funny story about Ruby - Kaisers Mum - due to van trouble Mark was not at the show but Ruby was due to do pairs with Sue and Merc so Marie brought her along but as she was judging that day so kindly said I could run her - Mark had said he was not 100% sure she would go with me but it was worth a try as she is always seems pleased to see me - I had 6/7 Agility first and she did jump 1, 2 and then ran away! Luckily only down to the side of the ring where Marie was judging. We did chuckle that an Ag Ch that loves agility really does love her Dad more than agility...but she did run nicely with Marie on the Sunday :)

Fleet was a star in 5-7 Graded Agility for some reason he whizzed round without looking back once and I released him as soon as he stopped on the contacts and then thought I would check my time only to find he was in the lead....argh anyone who knows me knows that I really done want Fleet Senior/Grade 6 as his handler is much too dippy and also he seems to get easily confused on stuff thats too tricky. It was a Graded Class with the grades running in order 5..6..7 and the 7's had started to run and he was still in the lead....eeek....luckily a Grade 5 then came along and beat him phew! We were very pleased to be 2nd :)

Fleet had the Adams Derby to compete in and it really was not power and speed and was renamed by me as power and pull through.....I can become a bit determined sometimes and think I will not let this darn course beat of the pull throughs was not pretty but I was very pleased to come 3rd and Qualify for the Adams Derby Final in July.

On the Sunday Tom Hadaway was judging and kindly said I could run his dog Panic as she is not registered in his name - I have never run her before and she was fab - she is Grade 4 but knocking on the door to win out with jumping wins - we came 5th in Grade 4-5 Combined Jumping and then scarily had to run in Tom's Graded 4-5 Jumping - she was awesome and flew round until one jump to go and I thought she was with me but she flew ahead over the start instead of going over the finish doh!

Roger had no JaiJai clears but he did nice bits in some. Josie got a 7th in Grade 4 Jumping and a 6th in Grade 4-5 Combined Jumping (ooops I beat him with Panic!)

Some photos taken by Mike Fairlamb on Sues camera - Oi Mike none of My Dogs! I have included one of Sues Pixie(dora) as she won Grade 4-5 Combined Agility so up to Grade 5 they went.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Catching up....again!

Ok I have been a bad blogger (again!) there just do not seem to be enough hours in the day and each time I think ah I must update the blog my brain is tired!

I will do a little re-cap fo what we have been up to.......

WBSDS another little show of 12 rings! Still no Cads to run and I do miss running the little furry chap. Fleet did some lovely runs on some well thought out courses with just a 5r (Fran Walton and David Isbisters courses), Fleet did have a nice clear on a course I did not think I could do (Ian Balchins) it was just one part that I thought I could not do and yippee we managed it - hard to describe but a snake that you came at with the handler left behind (or rather me left behind some faster on their legs peeps got in front!) and there was a pull through at the end of the snake - Fleet had a run off which he won and came 8th. Fog and Rip had fun in the clear round only anysize's a good job I luv those pesky old things as with Wallingford and WBSDS it worked out £15 on 6 clear round only classes for them - I know they don't care if there are no rosettes on offer but I prefer it! Roger got a 2nd with Josie in 4-5 Graded Jumping - it was an erm...interesting course so it suited them well.

Cads ear....well things seem to be doing ok, he was sedated to have the stitches out and he was so happy to finally have the bucket off his head! I think the ear is still a bit tender but the Vet said that is to be expected but fingers crossed the Op has worked.

Kaiser is loving going to shows and has got to meet some of this brothers and sisters, seen his Mum Ruby and big half bro Puck and big half sister too.

Shrewsbury, Vyne and Tunbridge to follow and hopefully some photos!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Wallingford and a Cadders update....

Well Saturday at Wallingford was very very cold and seemed to go on forever!

Roger was on call for work and managed to do his 5 individual runs before he got called away to work - only leaving the Team where Josie and JaiJai both had to run in the same team - bless him Bill had a go at running JaiJai never having run him before and he did one jump and then came to me and Josie, Josie was actually a bit mad and took the wrong jump! Roger did manage one messy clear with Josie prior to going to work and got 12th in 3/4 Jumping.

Fleet decided all weekend that he would just go clear in Teams and pairs :) Lovely clear in the pairs knockout but our partner had a pole down - really we were quite unlucky to go out with 5 faults as people ahead of us were getting through with loads of faults including E's. Fleet also did a lovely clear in his Team but a couple of others had faults. He had faults in his Grade 5 Agility and Jumping - some me and some him - it's nice to share :) On Sunday Fleets only run was Large/Medium pairs - again a lovely clear then our partner did go clear but had a long deviation which put us just out of the places. Roger with Josie was due to run in this class with Cad but he got a surrogate partner and they came 9th. JaiJai and little Jaf shared the faults of 5 each. Jaf had a clear in his Team on Saturday and a clear in 4/5 Jumping on Sunday.

Ripley had a lovely clear in Anysize and Fog had the first pole down - it was a clear round only class which is not my favourite but the boys don't mind!

I did miss running Cadbury - on the dryer warmer Sunday he did have a walk round the rings at lunchtime. Funny that a few people thought his dressing was some kind of fashion statement!

Cadbury of course had his first Op and then a week later a middle part of his wound was not mending as well as it should so he had a 2nd Op and this was when they wrapped his head in a trendy bandage! He had that on for 5 days and is now just back to wearing the bucket which he hates but he really must as he could rip his ear so easily with a back claw. I must say it's been truly awful - 2 operations and such a sad Cadders and he still has stitches in his ear - hopefully these will be out next Tuesday. Also trying to ensure a rather bouncy Kelpie pup does not leap about near him has been hard work!

A couple of photos fo the trnedy bandage!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Poor Cadders :(

Cadbury has been getting an ear infection just in one ear on and off for a while - he had various drops and the infection still came back each time. We changed Vets when we moved as of course you think you must be at the closest in case of an emergency but I found that I saw a different Vet each time and for sorting out this kind of problem this was not working out.

Our old Vet (a one man practice) is only apx 20 mins from where we live now so I had made an appointment to see Jim the Vet about the ear issue..... He decided that he would take Cadbury in and look at his ear better while he was under anaesthetic, he did discuss that he might need to do a re-section on the ear if he felt that would hopefully sort the problem out.

So that is what happened last Friday and oh poor Cadbury did look sorry for himself with a bucket on and a very sore ear :( He seems a little happier now and the Vet has checked the ear today and is happy with how it is progressing. Fingers crossed the Op will sort the ear problem out once and for all!

I could not take a photo of the actual wound it looks yuck but a photo of sad looking Cadbury with the bucket on.......


I thought I would treat myself to a little holiday in Scotland with of course an agility show thrown in! I had only been to one Scottish show before and that was Dundee 3 years before when Roger and I both went. Roger was judging at Downland Show and also gets less time off work than me (well there has to be a perk in staying working at the same place for a long time!) so he kindly said I could take JaiJai.

Sue and Duessa were sharing a van and I had arranged to meet them at Stafford Services and then we were going on-convoy! I had taken the younger red boys Fleet and JaiJai, the doodles Jaf and Cadbury and young Kaiser. The journey up was ok till just past Carlisle and then I got a warning light come on doh! So stopped rung the garage, rung the RAC who came out and put their diagnostics thing on it and they could find nothing wrong - they liaised with the Renault garage who said it was fine to continue so off we set again. Luckily we had been able to wait for the RAC at a very nice services called Annandale Water where there was a nice dog walking area. We went straight to the Venue which was 1 mile from the Hotel and gave dogs another run there before we booked into the hotel.

There must have been about 30 agility people staying at the hotel so that was nice. I did not really have the energy after the long drive and seeing to the dogs to stay up late at the bar though! (ooops must be getting old!)

The next day after a nice early breakfast we arrived nice and early at the show which is set in a lovely park, there were 6 rings which I understand is quite big for a Scottish show. This was Fleets 7th Birthday and he came 5th in the 4/5 Jumping, JaiJai did his usual speedy round with one pole down! Fleet did a clear in G5 Agility and with held contacts and a twizzly bit he was just outside the places, Fleet and JaiJai did some good bits in their other runs just not clear.

Cad did a lovely run in 1-5 Agility with beautiful stops on the contacts and came 2nd, had a clear and just out of the places in 5-7 combined jumping and came 1st in Graded 5-7 Jumping (that's 2 jumpings towards G6 now). Little Jaf only gets entered in one run at day at shows and his class was very near the end in a ring of small/medium classes which rather went on - it was about 6.30pm when he got his one and only run of the day and it was starting to get chilly, he actually ran really well and sped down the last line (to get back to his cosy bed in the van probably!) and I was gobsmacked to find that in that class which was small graded 5-7 jumping Jaf had come 1st ! He maybe Grade 5 but he is there due to his previous novice places rather than having won up the grades - not sure he is impressed with having his photo taken with the trophy!

I was very proud of both my doodles and of course the red dogs too, Kaiser has a great time watching and going for walks in the park and meeting lots of people and dogs :)

Saturday had been a long day so it was nice to get back to the hotel and relax and have a nice meal. Sunday morning we woke up to a dusting of snow, not too much really and we all thought it would soon go.....we were all wrong!

We arrived at the venue and it was not too bad.......well you could still see the grass through the snow!

The organisers thought they would wait an hour and see what the weather did.....well the snow came down thick and fast and they had no choice but to cancel it just would not have been safe to consider starting the show
So this brought an abrupt end to my little holiday - I was due to stay the Sunday night and then spend Monday travelling back and visiting places, I was worried if there was more snow I might not get home the next day so as I was back at the Hotel by 10am having managed to get up the hill out of the venue
the hotel kindly let me book out a night early so I started to make my way home, there was no hurry and I wanted to visit a few places along the way. I was running solo on the way back as the others were not due to stay the extra night so were on their way home already.

The roads were not too bad mostly clear with some of the fast lanes snowy in places and I did see a snow plough on the M74...! I picked a route that included all dual carriageways and motorways as some locals at the show said some of the smaller roads on higher ground might be bad in the snow. My first stop was Strathclyde Country Park - no snow there at all....sorry no photos as I walked all 5 dogs and not knowing where I was I needed my brain in gear, the dogs had a lovely dash about for a good while to wear them out for the next leg of the journey.

Next stop still in Scotland but only just and I am a bit of a saddo but I went to the Gretna Shopping Outlet - I just luv it there and have been I think 5 times now (having popped there when I have stayed with the lovely Aldersons a couple of times). Now I really like a bargain but only if it is something I actually need! I got some Karrimor waterproof trainers down to £19.99 from £69.99 and also a waterproof jacket (can't remember what make but it was a cut down price too!), they also have a Cadbury Shop there so I bought a sneaker bag with a Cadbury Theme!

I stopped a couple more times on the way home for the dogs and me to have a break but it was nice to get home after such a long journey!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Spring at Thing day two

So off we set for day two. I still cannot believe how hot it was almost like a mini heatwave!

Iain Fraser set some really interesting courses today and I had two of them with Cadbury, in the Agility he knocked the last bit of the long jump and in the jumping after having been going round lovely I got lost right near the end...doh! Nice dog - shame about the handler! Also had a time fault and out and he had his cheeky head on and went straight on near the start of the course.

Ripley came 6th in Anysize - bless him he will be 12 in a few weeks and he does still enjoy the anysize classes, Fog ran too and back jumped but he had fun :)

Jaf only had one class and my runs started to clash so I decided not to run him as I hate to keep a ring waiting or be late if I can help it - so Roger decided he would run him - he did try and run Jaf once before where Jaf did one jump and ran to me but off he went on his own and said they did very well and that Jaf was speedy - had a 5R and missed a weave.

Fleet had a 1-7 NBC Class (Nothing but Collie) - we had a really goony run and I would have marked my see-saw however the Judge came and told me that I was clear but the clock had not stopped so I could run again for time. This we did and got a good stop on every contact and he came 21st out of apx 300 so I was pleased with that. Fleet did a lovely run in G5 Jumping and just went into the wrong end of the pipe tunnel. Fleet did a nice clear in G5 Agility after the cheeky contacts of the original NBC run I held my contacts and had a twizzly bit and he was just out of the places.

JaiJai seems to be specialising in the fastest 5 fault runs but he is lovely to watch! Josie had a clear in G4 Jumping and came 8th.

Almost caught up with the Blog now! Hope all the other bloggers and blog readers are having fun with their dogs. x

Monday, 7 April 2008

Spring at Thing day one.....and my favourite walk

Well the show got that nickname from a few of us as it changed venues and show names a few times over the years...

The weather reports were awful and I was not really sure if I would go.....I heard they towed caravans onto the venue on the Friday....I was due to drive there each day as the camping at this venue is silly I camped there once and got there about the time you were allowed to and was camped soooo far away I needed a taxi to the rings!

Roger was working on the Saturday so I had JaiJai (ah he is lovely!), Josie, Fleet and Cadbury to run - I left the oldies at home and also little Jaf. Jaf hates mud and rain and the oldies had anysize but I did not want to take Rip and Fog and them sit in the van a lot of the day in possibly bad weather and then choose not to run them anway if the ground was bad (Rip is 12 in a few weeks and Fog 11 in June) Roger was in and out all day at home anyway :) The day parking was a long walk but at least it was on hard standing - there were a few light showers but the rings held up very well the areas around the rings got a bit muddy. Kaiser had a great time walking around the show.

The weave entry in the G4 Jumping was interesting (same as the one for the KC Novice thing at the Fest last August) - JaiJai was clear till then.....and Josie had a pole then missed the weave entry. JaiJai had a very speedy run with one pole down in G4 Agility. Josie was clear but a little out of the places in the helter skelter, JaiJai had 2 poles down, Fleet had a pilot error. Fleet was doing a lovely G5 Agility and then ran into the weave poles - sort of headbutted them...doh! Grade 5 Jumping he had one pole down.

Cadders had a pole down in the Medium Helter Skelter - it seemed to knock the wind out of him as he was flying before then so I brought him to check he was ok (which he seemed to be - I think he just sort of trippled over it!). In his agility I tried a few different things some worked some did not but I was pleased with him. The jumping run was last and it was cold and I was fed up and we went wrong near the start - I thought I would just stay and watch Sue run Bug and then head for home...then there was an awful dog fight - well an attack rather than a fight where a dog left the start line and grabbed hold of another dog - it was truly awful and it still makes me feel a bit strange writing about it now. The darn terrier would not let go of the other dog but eventually did (or was forced to) and apart from being shocked and bruised the other dog was ok the handler of the attacked dog did get bitten on the hand was truly awful the worst thing I have ever seen at a show and I drove home in a bit of a daze.....

Not a very exciting post so I will finish with a few photos of my favourite walk - Bourne Woods near Farnham Surrey - never muddy as its sandy and it's like another world soo peaceful - they actually film things there sometimes - offhand can't remember what though! Sometimes in the week I can walk for a couple of hours and not see anyone - bliss!

Sorry about the bit of plantlife in the way! No Kaiser in the photo as he does not come along to our very long walks yet :)

Monday, 31 March 2008

Easter in Cornwall

I am about a week late in my updates....ah well nevermind!

Roger and I had both been invited to judge in Cornwall at the 3 day K9 Kernow Show.

We travelled down on Thursday - the show was Friday (Roger judged), Saturday (I judged) and Sunday and then we travelled back on Monday. It made a nice break and the weather was not too bad at all compared to some other parts of the country.

I enjoyed my judging I had Large Combined 1 & 2 Jumping, Large Grade 3 Jumping and Pay on the Day Medium Pairs. The day I judged it did not rain at all which I was most happy about, it was cold but I was wrapped up well. On the other days there were a few showers and even a bit of hail.

This was Kaisers first time in the caravan and he seemed to enjoy it:-

The fleece is supposed to cover the seats.......but had been re-designed by Kaiser! The Showground in Wadebridge was a lovely if slightly windy place to stay it was brilliant for walking the dogs as there is such huge areas to walk that people are not all on top of each other.

How did the dogs do...well they did just fine bless em - Fleety got a 6th in G5 Jumping, Cadbury got 3rd in Medium 5-7 Combined Jumping (well pleased with that one) and a 2nd in Pay on the Day Take Your Own Line, JaiJai got 3rd in Grade 4 Jumping and Roger was kicking himself as he had a pole down in 4/5 Combined Agility and he checked his time and he was a bit ahead of the winner but of course it might have taken a little longer to keep the pole up.

The show had 2 runs a dog and also a pay on the day - I don't normally do Pay on the Day's but thought it would be good experience for Cads so I did a steeplechase as well as the aforementioned TYOL.

On the Saturday evening a group of 9 of us went into Wadebridge for an Indian meal which was really nice.

The tow back took a while as the A303 was clogged up but as least we were in no hurry and at least it was not after a days competing and packing up, we got back to caravan storage and I was sooo pleased that we finally got our old space back - the dippy man gave it to someone else in error and we had been in an awkward space for the last two shows of last year and all winter.

A couple more photos, Cadbury seems to be saying "oh yawn stop taking my photo" either that or "is it dinner time yet?" !!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Mid Downs and Chippenham

Was not impressed these shows were two days running! We do ring party at Mid Downs so had to be there all day from helping the judge to tweak his course to packing the ring away.....and then Chippenham small/medium show was the anniversary of Cads competing for one year and I had offered a lift to a club member who does not travel that far so even though tired out after the long day of ring partying at Mid Downs then had another long cold day at Chippenham....ah well whinge over perhaps they won't be on consecutive days next year!

Mid Downs - Fleety got a 16th after a run off that he won in the 3-5 Jumping - his first run was quite messy in parts so it was nice to have another go and do a much better clear :) He was going lovely in the 4-5 Agility and then near-ish to the end ran past the cloth tunnel. Cadbury did a clear on an interesting but also speedy Jumping (4-7 I think) but was just out of the places and his agility was a very interesting course....I hear there were only 4 clears in the whole class....I was proud to have got to jump 12 clear before he popped an extra jump - it was 5-7 and the Supadog Qualifier - set at more like Grade 8 ;) !!

Chippenham - another early start and picked Lindsay and Pip up along the way - Cads and Pip had a run on first and then runs last in the rings...first run was 4-5 Graded Agility - I had already decided I would hold my contacts and Cads came a respectable 3rd with held contacts - Pip came 1st in that class and as he is in a class I teach at North Downs I was really pleased for them. One annoying bit was that when they did the presentation although they wrote Cads as 3rd they only gave places to 2nd doh! I got in the wrong place for the 4-5 jumping and got Cads E'd and we had a clear in both the 1-7 Steeplechase which was messy in parts and a lovely run in the 1-7 agility but I think Cads thought he had finished after the second to last jump and ground to a halt and took what seemed like ages to then jump the last jump - he was just out of the places with both these clears so I was pleased knowing their were places we could have saved time.

No video......I really must get some more video of Cads as have not had any of him for ages.

A photo of Cads that I have always liked when he was little :)

Monday, 17 March 2008

Time goes by.....

Well time has flown by and I have been a bad blogger - there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day!

I will do a quick resume.....

My dogs all saw the Chiro a few weeks back and were all given a clean bill of health so that was good.

Crufts - I went on Thursday to be groom for Sue and Bug who were in the mini maxi pairs with Jaf's Sister Ruby - they did really well but were sadly not clear. Sue and I were there again on Friday for the Medium Crufts Team - Bug was in the Team (with Jude, Disney and Mouse) and Cadbury was their reserve - we did not need to run but Cads seemed to enjoy Crufts - Jude was clear, Bug had 5 and sadly Disney and Mouse were both E'd so they did not go through to the final. Sue and I walked miles and miles around the shops and bought a few things....I got toys/treats/a nice mat...can't remember what else now! Also managed to watch some of the agility.

Went for a lovely walk at Wittering Beach and yummy pub lunch with fellow bloggers Karen, Lisa, Bernadette and non-bloggers Mandy and Polly - it was a belated birthday walk for Todd who Cadbury really loves - see Karens Blog for Photos - there were 16 dogs and they all seemed to have a great time, Lisa made a lovely cake for the dogs and they all seemed to enjoy - Jaf and Cadbury certainly did!

Kaiser is now 5 months old and I can't believe he has been here for that many months already - bless him he is teething right now.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Newton Heath

Ok madly got up at 3.15am and set off at only(!) takes 3.5 hours at that time in the morning funnily enough the motorway is rather clear!

I always like to get to shows with lots of time to spare to walk the dogs - I had taken 6 dogs with me leaving the oldies Fog and Rip at home as Roger would be in and out all day so I had a busy day with walking them, running them, Kaiser being old enough to go in and have a look round...oh and then having to find enough energy to drive home again! It is rather dull travelling such a long way on your own (well with the dogs but they are all akip!)

Roger was working again - he has to work 2 Saturdays a month with his silly job - it used to be one but has gone up to two as you can imagine he is not that happy about that! In years gone by it used to be me working some weekends...ah well I get to run the lovely JaiJai and Josie the strange merle!

Back to the show...there were only 2 runs per dog - one jumping and agility - Josie and Jaf were only doing jumping. There was a pay on the day class for charity split into various sections so I thought I would put Fleet, Cads, Josie and JaiJai into it - so I had 13 runs!

Fleet:- he came 8th in Grade 5 Jumping with one messy bit, his G5 Agility was soooo funny he had gone lovely and was clear only 4 things to go and then he came round a jump the opposite way to which I thought he would and trying to think on my feet got me left behind and then he got but ran the aframe and then came back to see where I was and put a foot back on the bottom of the aframe I started to laugh which did not help! His POD Class was 5-7 Graded TFO hmmmm too hard for Fleet with well strange switch behinds which he does not like on the first bit with no forward momentum so we got a 5r and left.....laughing!

Cadbury:- he came 3rd in Medium 4/5 Combined Jumping - I really liked this course and there were some interesting handling bits so we really went for it and I was pleased to come 3rd with 2 speedy leggy terriers above us, his agility we missed the weave entry and then it all went a bit wrong and we left laughing....this laughing was becoming a theme....perhaps it was mild hysteria after the early morning start! Cads POD was 1-7 Medium Helter Skelter we whizzed round as fast as we could but I did not think we would be quick enough for a place but Cads came 6th so I was really pleased :)

Jaf:- he had just the one run - Small 4/5 jumping - he did a really lovely clear round for him as he can be very unconfident and slows down or stops and get all worried at shows (hence we gave up with the see-saw and he just does one jumping class) I checked his time and he was the first one out of the places which for little Jaf is brill as he only occasionally gets a place.

JaiJai:- oh dear what can I say about him he was off his head - I think he finds indoor shows a bit exciting - he did a few nice bits in each run including getting all his contacts quite nicely but no clears and his Grade 4 Jumping was a very testing tight course and really too much for him.

Josie:- she should have been able to get round the above mentioned Grade 4 Jumping course but she seemed rather excited and barked a bit and whizzed off the wrong way and kicked off a few poles I think she sees me as a bit of fun and running with her Dad is more serious! In the POD 1-4 Graded Helter Skelter she listened well, whizzed round and kept the poles up and came 4th :)

Kaiser had a fab day - saw 2 of his black brothers Draco and Flash and was so excited to see all the people and dogs he is such a happy little dog!

Then the dreaded bit the long drive home......I had delegated Fleet to drive but he did not look keen on the idea so it was down to me ;) stopped for 2 breaks on the way back and shared KFC with the dogs. Had a nice day but was flippin knackered when I got home late in the evening!

Cadders is going to Crufts....

He is to be a reserve for a Medium Crufts Team, hopefully all the dogs and handlers in the Team will be fine but it's good to have a reserve and I am very proud that Cadbury is their reserve.

The Team is Rosie and Disney, Alan and Jude, Sue and Bug and Toni and Mouse

Thanks to Rosie for all her liaising and Good Luck to the Team :o)

When looking through my photos I found this one from a few weeks back in the garden which made me laugh, I can see Cads and Kaiser saying "right let's herd Fleet"

Saturday, 16 February 2008

A few photos :)

A few weeks back Kaiser and I were at Pets at Home and I noticed they were doing a photo competition the following week so thought we would get some photos done. Bless him he was so sweet - we queued behind adult dogs that did not know how to sit or lay down or stay still and yet Kaiser managed just fine. A week later we went back to choose the photo to go into their compeition, I don't expect him to do any good in that as of course I luv him dearly but he is not cute in the eyes of others like some of the fluffy pups that were there. I bought a couple of the photos although I am not sure if he looks a bit startled - the photographer got the dogs attention by barking at them! So with the usual thanks to the photographer for allowing me to scan and upload the photo (I did ask him - he looked bemused and thought I was mad but said it was fine!)

It's Cads Blog so I thought I would add a photo of him I really like - this was from the DIN Medium Novice Final back last August where bless the little furry chap he came 4th. Amanda kindly bought me this photo (so thanks to her and also the DIN Professional Photographer) and it really is such a good action shot - I think it has a funny mark on it where it was scanned - it's not on the original!

Waldridge Fell....

On Friday the 8th February we set off "up north", Roger had the day off work and was attending his first show of the year (my third..:o)) Duessa had kindly been our booking secretary and booked us a nice pub to stay at - it was a pub where we have eaten when at Northern Week and Sue has stayed there before so knew it was dog friendly.

We had a good trip up in nice weather and had a nice evening at the pub and the dogs were all very well behaved - Kaiser and Sue's merlie pup Bear had a play in her room, Kaiser was so much bigger and a bit rough so sweet Cadders came in for a play and he and Bear played lovely.

We were staying apx 40 miles from the show so had an early start and we were very lucky with the weather as the sun shone all day - its not a show or venue that Roger and I had been to before and I understand in previous years there has been heavy rain or snow and its been very bleak there. It was a nice indoor school with plenty of room for 3 rings.

Cads classes were Medium Combined 3-7 - agility, jumping and another jumping, he has not done that many runs up against grade 6 and 7 dogs so I thought it would be interesting to see how we got on. He had the agility run first which was an interesting course (see below - click on it to make it bigger) while queuing I watched a kelpie cross do a stunning run and thought no time for any hesitations if I wanted to try and get a place so we went for it and ran all the contacts - he did them fine running all the way to the floor I just did not make him stop. I was very pleased with the run and watched a few more people go thinking they would have been quicker than us but thought it would be nice to see Cads time. As is the northern way the score tables were hiding somewhere (found the one for this ring in the cafe!) and I was very surprised to find out that Cads was laying and stayed 2nd. The speedy kelpie cross won and was a good few secs ahead of us but even though it was not a huge show entries wise for Cads to have come 2nd in a 3-7 was brilliant.

Cads also went clear in both his jumping classes and was just out of the places in them both.

Fleet bless him also had 3/3 clears :) The Large dog classes were Graded 1-7 (agility, jumping and another jumping) We had a messy agility run so that put him out of the places, and in Pete Jennings jumping really we should have had a 5r and I stopped trying but we ended up with a clear again at Grade 5 you can't be messy or waste time so he was out of the places. In his last run another jumping he did a lovely run with one small place were we lost a smidgeon of time and I was very surprised and pleased that he came 3rd.

Roger had no clear rounds.....Josie is still only doing jumping but at least had 2 runs - she had one messy run with faults and in the other just had a 5r. JaiJai did ok with a nice wait on the start line in 2 classes (which he did not have last year) but alas no clears.

Sue had a good day with 1st and 2nd with Bug in Jumping - what a good Buggarty and a 2nd with Merc in Jumping.

So then the long drive home broken up with a nice meal with Sue and Duessa.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Kaiser in the Garden today

I had been meaning to try and put some video of Kaiser on the Blog and kept not getting round to it - then I had this idea I could video him on my own....wrong! So an assistant in the form of Roger was needed! The first bit is me trying on my own - I was not going to put any music on but I kept laughing!

He is such a happy pup, loves playing with his Wubba toy (its the second one since I got him, had to get a new one as the first one was looking tatty) he will be 4 months old next week.

Music by none other than the...Kaiser Chiefs :)

Monday, 28 January 2008

Ribble and Welcome to Baby Bear

Ribble was a nice show - I had a lovely uneventful journey there which after the week before was a relief! Even though I might try the "up north" mad trip in a day after it actually went ok the previous week but I already had a dog friendly BnB booked with deposit paid so went up the afternoon before.

Roger only had a couple of runs and as most of our dogs were not competing he stayed home as it is not a very nice venue for the non-competing dogs - no proper exercise area as such as the fields they can use are usually under water.

The pairs......mmmm well the least said about that the better! It was a dippy judge who really has not competed much for a while and it was supposed to be 1-7 and it was more like 7..! There were nearly 200 pairs entered and there were I think only 3 double clears and someone I know came 17th with 15 faults....

Josie and JaiJai were entered together as it was Josies first show back after her spay - she seemed fine but did not seem jump fit knocking a few poles down so it will be good for her and Roger to get back to training. Sue kindly volunteered to run JaiJai and I set off first with Josie who got an E and then we eventually got back to the box....well could I catch the darn merle NO! It seemed like ages and JaiJai is the kind of dog to get in a tizz and he did set off with Sue but only did two jumps and then came back to me! I forgot Josie has to go second as she does not do a changeover well...

Fleet was with Tatts and we were going ok and then I was dippy and got Fleet a 5r and then I was pleased he did the 7 weaves to nowhere and relaxed slightly so he popped an extra jump!

The only other run that Josie and JaiJai had was combined 1-4 Jumping - Josie flew round lovely and just had 2 poles down. JaiJai was going great guns but at the tricky bit right near the end I could not stop him going straight on out of the pipe tunnel.

Fleets Grade 5 Agility was an interesting course and the start really needed a good recall, Fleet and I have worked on recalls all through the Autumn and Winter and he did a lovely wait and then lovely holds on the contacts and came 6th.

The Grade 5 Jumping really was a bizarre course and it did not appeal to me at all and so not surprisingly Fleet and I went wrong. Really pleased that Matt and Buddy came 3rd in this course. Buddy is a handsome blue/tri smooth collie with one ear up and one ear down.

I really enjoyed watching Iain Frasers Chum course (sorry not Chum anymore KC Olympia Grade 6/7!). It was an interesting course which looked to have been really well thought out. Forum Fiona did a course plan and I think it looked pretty spot on.

I really missed Cadbury and Kaiser pup and the other dogs as that was the first night I had been away from Kaiser since he came home.

Sue White does not have her own Blog (nag nag come on Sue everyone has one these days!) but today she got her new pup Bear so I thought I would post a couple of photos of Bear to welcome him to her household and to the mad world of Agility!

I really must try and get some video done for the Blog - some of Kaiser playing and looking cute and also I have been spurred on to try and do the 2 jumps exercises with Cadbury as demonstrated by Bernadette and Lisa - I worry I may fall over tho!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Kaiser Puplett :)

Well Kaiser is now 14 weeks old. He and I have continued our little adventures together along with his first trip to a show (schhhh only went in the car park!)

He is such a cheeky little character and always full of beans - he has done the occasional walk (on lead) with the other dogs and it seems he might be another Fleet-maniac....most of our dogs are mad about Fleet....weird!

I have done a little bit of clicker training with him and he is getting qood on sits and downs.

Here are various recent photos. I must try and remember he has big ears and to make sure I get all of them into the photo!!

First Show of the Year

Well I have been to my first show of the year - Wilmslow at Myerscough. I had a dog friendly BnB booked and set off just after lunch. Took the route to avoid the A34 which always seems to get jammed where it meets the M40 on a Friday afternoon, so went M4, off at J15 and then A417 between Swindon and Gloucester where I would get onto the M5 and head northwards.

Little Kaiser was coming along for the ride and I took Cadbury, Fleet, Rip and JaiJai. There were no classes for small dogs, Rip was going as he had Veterans and I was not sure about jumping Foggy without him having done any jumps for such a long time as he can then misjudge so he was not entered and Josie was still having time off after her spay.

Anyway back to the journey! Well it started to snow, and was settling in the fields but not the road so no real problem there and then the traffic on the dual carriageway stopped....and an hour and a half went by and we moved about 50 yards and the temperature was dropping - it was 5 degrees when I stopped and was now minus 2....the dogs and I were warm enough as I of course had the heating on the van.

The snow was now settling on the road and getting thicker and thicker. The radio was not saying much about the traffic so I thought I would ring Gloucester Police - well people ring Surrey Police who I work for!! They advised there was 12 miles of queuing traffic behind a jack knifed lorry and that the traffic was going nowhere for many hours.

Well my one criteria for going to northern shows is that I won't go if it snows as I just hate driving in snow and ice. So I rang and cancelled the BnB and came off at a tiny side road by a pub and went in there to ask how much further to the nearest junction where I could turn round and the kind lady in the pub explained a quick route on the now very heavily covered in snow side roads where I could get back on the other side of the dual carriageway and head home - so 6 hours after I left home I got back home and the snow was localised to that area so certain friends did not believe me and all I took was one photo:-

Some friends drive all the way up to Myerscough and back in a day and they are about 40 mins nearer than me so I thought I would set my alarm and give it a go....

So at 3.30am on the Saturday morning questioning my sanity I set off - lovely clear rounds, no traffic and no SNOW!

It only took me 3.5 hours to get there and I had a nice day at the show as did Kaiser who got to meet Flash his black brother.

At the show my only clear rounds were a 7th in the Veteran Jumping with Ripley - he flew bless him and had a great time and whizzed through the 6 weaves, and Cads who came 1st in the 4-5 combined Jumping - he did a lovely run so I was very pleased with this result - there were only 19 in the class so it did not feel such a big achievement as say winning a class of a couple of hundred with one of the big dogs but bless him he can only beat those that are in it! That is his first win towards winning out of Grade 5. Just baby and handler errors in the other 2 classes Cad was in - he did some nice bits though.

Fleet did some nice bits including a 2 jump recall in 2 of his classes - he and I have worked hard on this over the winter as we went for quite a few years with no wait and I thought we would give it one last go and yippee we are getting there.

Some random photos of Cads and his 1st Place Trophy and Rosette - I will post again with some newer photos of Kaiser :)

Actually Cads does not look at all impressed!!