Friday, 30 November 2007

Time just flies by!

Well we still have the foster dog....Blue is finally on Agilitynet so hopefully he will get a nice forever home soon :) He has got more barmy the longer he has been with us - is that our influence or just that he is coming out of his shell !! Blue and JaiJai play and play - as Josie has been spayed she has been resting so its been nice for the 2 youngsters to play.

I went up to the Agility Club AGM for Cadbury and I to be presented with his huge trophy for coming 1st in the Medium Grade 3 say I am proud of him is an understatement! It was espcially nice as I did not realise at first that the trophy was engraved I just wanted to get it in the box before I dropped it!

New posh dinner bowl - chuckle!!

It was nice to catch up with people I had not seen for a while at the AGM - there was not enough time to chat to everyone though! A little group of us did go out for a nice meal afterwards. Well Done to all our friends who did so well too - Joy and Teal, Bernadette and Hex, Paula and Suzi, Sue with Bug and Merc, Jenny and Stella and everyone else who got an award!

Josie was spayed and things did not go very well......darn merlie thing!! Actually it was not her fault her external stiches were fine but the internal ones did not hold and she had to go back and be re-operated on - it was quite a scary time and thankfully she is on the mend now - running around with a bucket on her head and wearing a t-shirt to cover her tummy!

Nearly time to get Kaiser - exciting stuff! Heres a photo Marie sent me recently (thanks Marie x)

Off to Wyre in a little while - just me and some of the dogs - Roger is staying home to look after Josie - I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Kaiser Five Week old visit and Blue Foster Kelpie

So after the trip back from Newton Heath the next day for me its a little trip to Wales!! (apx 280 miles round trip - I go back to work for a rest - I did over 800 miles driving that weekend zzzzzz!)

Kaiser is growing up sooooooooo lovely and the whole litter are just so much fun to watch. This is my favourite photo of Kaiser so far (thanks Marie x):-

There is a Blue Kelpie with the original name of....Blue that needs a new home - he is only 8-9 months old and was found as a stray in West Wales and he had been being fostered and it was not working out so I was asked to give him a ride as he was near to where Kaiser is and the Kelpie Welfare lady lives near me - she is already fostering some other dogs so Blue has ended up being fostered for the time being here with us - he is learning house manners and lots of other stuff but he is a really fab dog and I must say I am soooo proud of my dogs the way they have adapted to having a foster dog in the house - I hope he finds a forever home soon. If anyone reading the blog knows somone looking for a dog like this please get in touch!Bluey:-

Newton Heath November

A short trip (ha ha!) up the M6 to go to Newton Heath - we always stay over the night before and I have tried various places - some too noisy/too near a busy road/insecure parking/strange owners/2 dog limit etc! So we stayed at a farm BnB - the same place we stayed for Lune Valley in October - it was ok....but it was cold so nearly all the dogs came in (a couple go in large fabric crates) and the room was freezing cold! So I might try somewhere else next time!!

Onto the show - poor Roger did not have a great day JaiJai was rather hyped up and had no clears and Josie also had no clears but at least she got 2 jumping runs to do while she is still being re-trained to do contacts - but is being spayed soon so will have a good break before she re-starts.

Little Cadders was a star-let - I am still working on his stops on the contacts and was very pleased with how he ran the 4-5 graded agility and he came 2nd, in the 4-5 combined jumping he did another good run and ended up having a run off for 3rd and 4th - he won the run off so 3rd we came. This show only put on 2 runs for smalls and mediums so it was nice to have a run off - one to get another go at the same course but also to give us an extra run as the big dogs all got 3 runs.

Littler Jaf is just going to do jumping now as it was not worth stressing him over the see-saw - I bought a see-saw (ages ago) and I had worked on getting his confidence up and it worked for a short time and then he does the darn thing at a show a bit fast and then scares himself and we are back to square one again... I was very proud that Jaf came 6th in the small combined 4-5 Jumping - he does not get many places so this makes it even more special when he does :)

Fleet was a bit of a goon....just small things wrong in each run but also did some nice bits too. No runs for the oldies at this show - good job really as it was a manic show - loads of people there who I had not seen at this venue before - I guess like us they did not want to get bored in the winter!

As Cads and Jaf were the stars a photo of was from ages and ages ago when we were moving house and yes that really is Cadbury - it was the 2nd and last time he had his face shaved and had a bath and blow dry he has been au natural since then which is not to everyones taste but of course I like it! He has still never had his body hair cut and I am sort of used to people asking what breed he is!!

Catching up again!

Sorreeeeee I have been a bad blogger again! We have a foster dog at the moment (long story) and this and the rest of the dogs and work have been taking up a lot of my time.

Dartmoor:- we went to stay with my Mum for the weekend which was nice as she lives near Honiton and I don't get to see her very often. No great success at the show - little Jaf was the only one to get a clear round! Cadbury popped an extra jump in the jumping and in the agility got confused by an a-frame with a pipe tunnel tightly wrapped round with the dog having a choice of pipe/a-frame/pipe - lots of dogs went wrong in all of the heights...

JaiJai had the obligatory pole down with a very fast time in his jumping class, Fleet had a day of if onlys - in the jumping it was only weaves and jump to finish after having done the rest lovely as I switched behind the weaves he came out....and in the agility he refused the pipe with only a few jumps to go and he had done the a-frame handling area lovely.

My Mum:-

I'll add more later about Kaiser at 5 weeks, the foster dog and Newton Heath.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

New header

Thanks to Lucy Clifton for making me the new header of Cadders and to Dennis and Lynn for the lovely photos in the header.

Tuffley Ltd and a visit to meet Kaiser pup!

I have been a bad blogger and been busy with other stuff!

So to catch up I went to Tuffley Ltd Show which was combined for large dogs Grade 1-2 and 3-5 and we had Jumping, Agility and Helter Skelter. I have not entered this show for a couple of years and thought I would enter in the hope that Ruby would have pups for me to go and visit as it was sort of in the right direction!
Roger was at work and so I had JaiJai and Josie to run too :)

Fleety was a star and won the Jumping and the helter skelter - people at the show did say I would be banned if I won the agility as well.....but a handler error put paid to that!

Josie had a clear in the helter skelter but was not quick enough for a place and JaiJai was fab, he is fun to run, its edge of your seat stuff! In the jumping he was a second and a half quicker than Fleet and had the last pole down.

So then if was off to see Kaiser pup he was 3 weeks old and the whole litter were lovely and it was brilliant to meet them, photos are nice but not as nice as seeing them in the fur. They were all really active for their age and on their second day of mushy food and they were funny the way some of them ended up covered in it!

I am going back to see the pups again when they are 5 weeks old.