Monday, 25 May 2009

It had to happen one day I suppose!

As has already been mentioned via the agility forum my lovely Fleet went Grade 6 - I will try and take a photo of the trophy as its really quite unusual but the crystal kind of blocks just flash back at me when I take a photo of them!

The lovely Dave and Viv Robinson asked me to go and judge at Waldridge Fell and kindly said we could go early and stay longer so that made it worth taking a little holidy as its a loooong way to the take the caravan, so when people have asked did I go there to try and qualify for the KC Novice I was like ermmmm no I came here to judge on the other day and did not even request which day just said I did not mind what day I judged. I have to admit that Fleet and I have not had it very together for a while but we always forgave each other and he always came out grinning and tugging on his lead - I think I kind of got into sync more with Cadders and also with training Kaiser as well Fleet does not even attend a class now.

We seemed to get more into sync at Shrewsbury and he did some lovely runs the best of which was holding the lead in G5 Agility for a while (with me biting my finger nails saying noooooo!) and we ended up 3rd phew!

At Tunbridge I did a nice controlled round with controlled stops and waits on the contacts in the KC Novice on quite a straightforward course and we were 3 secs behind the winner coming 18th and I knew that was all time spent on the contacts - since it was brought in this was one class like many people I would like to do well in - only trouble is that doing well could mean a little too well and I just did not think the combination of Fleet and I were G6 material - he did win 8 Novice Jumpings under the old system but for some strange reason G5 courses started out as something like G8 more often than not and it really dented our confidence (pull through after pull through!) - he did win a G5 Jumping at Tunbridge last year and if he had won 2 more jumpings then so be it but I did say that the KC Novice was the only Agility Class I would want him to win and actualy running the little Cadbury dude in the 6/7 classes has given me a bit more confidence and I have been trying to run a little faster!

So I watched some lovely runs at Waldridge and thought I could not touch them for time and thought "hey I will go for it and see what kind of place I could get" so the result was 1st - mixed emotions but I am very proud of Fleet and he has taught me a huge amount and hey we get to go to the KC Novice Olympia Semis in September.

Dennis kindly got the run on video (well apart from the bit's where he lost Fleet or I - chuckle!) and I really don't remember teaching Fleet a running dog walk contact!! In G6 what will be will be - he is my first large dog to get to Senior/G6 and I am proud of him!

Better give Cadbury a little mention - his most recent and best place was a 2nd in 4-7 Agility at Cippenham - with our lovely friend Karen with the everso lovely and talented Todd in 1st place - goooo Toddster :)

Sorry I have not had much time or inspiration to blog - I do enjoy reading all the blogs so please keep blogging!

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Oh dear I am a baaaaaad blogger! I do like to read everyone else's when I get a moment tho!

Alan Score took a lovely photo of Cadbury so I thought I would add to that to that Blog - thanks Alan :)

I have been enjoying being back at shows and Cad has been being a little star even surprising me - I kind of thought he would never get placed in 6-7 combined - and he has now had a few places and these are not little shows either! One was on the course talked about on Nancy's blog at WBSDS - phew that was a hard one for my brain - I was pleased to get 3rd (behind 2 Grade 7 BC's) but funny I was even more pleased to get 3rd in the 6-7 Jumping on the same day that the lovely Don Curtis judged as it had some handling areas but also some blasty bits too.

Kaiser's training has been going ok - sorry no video - although a couple of his siblings came out a few days after their 18 month birthday I have not entered Kaiser as I knew he was not ready and did not want to a. feel I should run him and allow bad habit's to develop and b. undo the good work I am trying to put in and c. I don't want him to catch sight of the dog in the next ring running and dash off to herd it - he won't hurt the dog but could scare it and I would hate that and also would hate for him to ruin someones good round! So I am leaving him for a few more months and will see how training goes. I know 18 months is when everyone wants their dog in the ring but for me there is plenty of time and there is no great hurry really.

Fleet has had some lameness - a sort of sprain in his wrist so has been resting - he is not impressed - he also recently had his 8th birthday - sharing his birthday with our mate Karen :)

He really is such a lovely dog - we have goony moments between us sometimes in agility but actually I really don't care!!

Little Jaf has had awful problems with his eyes - he does not produce tears and it has affected his eyesight - there is an Op but it hardly ever works and is such a lot to put him through - he is trying some more eye stuff but the Vet is not sure it will work - I do feel for the little chap as it can't be nice for him :( Foggy is fine - coming up 12 and barky and sweet as ever! A photo of Jaf and Fog together - they have always got on really well and both were younger in this photo!

Have fun with your dogs!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tagged and another update....

Ok I got tagged by a couple of people - see I do still read the blogs I just have not had the enthusiasm to update my own!

So this was the photo that came up by following the instructions - Cad as a puppy! Yes I know he looked like a poodle there but I like how he looks now - it's all part of his character!

Ok so where have I been and what have I been up to since I last blogged - loads of dull personal life stuff to sort out which is just too dull to blog about but also some much nicer personal stuff too which has kept me focussed and while blogging I would just like to say a huge thanks to the friends who have been there for me in recent times - you know who you are and I really do appreciate it :) Now all I need to do is sell two houses and buy another before the agility seasons starts - haha yeah right like that is going to happen!

Ok onto the Agility, November saw 3 shows - North Downs - just classes for Fleet there and I was everso busy helping so no clears but as ever he was a good boy :) Then the next day down to Devon for a couple of days - I like to go to Dartmoor show and combine it with a visit to my Mum so thats what me and the dogs did - it's only 2 runs but there is a nice warm cafe and loads of people to chat to - and again no clears for Fleet - I seem a bit more in tune with Cads these days and actually I don't very often train Fleet and only train Cad once a week - Cads was a little star bless him - he won the Medium Combined 4-7 Agility which gave him his 2nd win towards Grade 7 and also came 3rd in Medium Combined 4-7 Jumping.

Had a lovely time visting my Mum but boy where there some floods when I was driving home......lucky the van is quite high up as one flooded road I had to drive through the water was rather high! Went and saw James Bond just after that too - I do rather have a soft spot for Daniel Craig - chuckle!

Newton Heath is a nice show but a looooong way! I really do find indoor shows so much more social - a load of us sat on the wall and just chatted loads and watched agaility - Fab! Now a little theme is developing clears for Fleet !! I blame the handler! Cads was a good boy - just one clear but came 3rd in Medium Graded 5-7 Jumping.

The Agility Club AGM - I have not taken a photo of Cadbury with his trophy for winning the Medium Grade 5 Section - really I must it's such a stunning trophy - Virginia put one in the Voice - nice photo of Cad and the trophy but I looked weird sort of insane grin! (no please don't go back to the Agility Voice and have another look!) a few of us went out for a meal after - which was yummy!

No Shows in December but Amanda and I did go to Olympia to help on the KC Stand and so got to watch Agility too - it was Novice day and we had a very enjoyable day :)

Then Christmas came and went - I worked at Christmas - yep even Christmas Day.....well someone has to take 999 calls even that day of the year and I prefer to let people with little kids be off work and I take my time off in the summer! Just after Christmas we went for a walk with 30 dogs (and I think 8 people!) and then a nice meal - then I got the flu lurgeee thing and then a chest infection - deep joy!

Only entered one show in January and that was Wilmslow - always a nice show and back "oop norf" at Myerscough - the theme for Fleet clears but he did some nice bits - Cad was a god boy - I pulled him off the side of the dog walk in the KC Medium - bad handler! He came 2nd in Medium Graded 6-7 Agility so was really pleased about that.

Have been having fun training Kaiser, he is a real challenge but actually I find when I have to work very hard to achieve something it does make it more the end!

Went for a lovely meal with friends the other day - mentioning this as the pub had a funny name it was called "The Golden Retriever" !!

Think I am up to date now, apologies for lack of updates - everyone keep blogging as I do like to read the blogs and I will try and pop back and update when I have the inspiration!

Have fun with your dogs, Lorna x