Thursday, 21 June 2007


We are off to the Lake District for 10 days tomorrow in the caravan, I am really looking forward to it. There are back to back weekend shows at the same Venue - Lune Valley is Saturday, Sunday and Monday and then there are 3 days off and we are going exploring and then Barrow is a 1/2 day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Good Luck to ALL our Agility Friends at any shows they are going to - hope you all have a Fab time with your dogs.

Here is a little video of Cadbury back at WBSD Show in April.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Oldies Final

Stepping back a week or so on the 9th/10th June we took a trip North to the Wyre show held in the lovely countryside at Cartmel - we normally always do Thames but this year Ripley had qualified for the "It Barks" Veteran Jumping Final - our friend Sue White had also qualified her dog Flea and had asked Roger if he would like to be in the final with Flea as Sue had Champ Classes and Euk Qualifiers at Thames and she was able to nominate a surrogate handler - Roger jumped at the chance to do this as he has always loved Flea. Also on the video is our friend Nigel and his oldie Fly.

Rip came 2nd and Flea came 3rd in the Final so we were very proud of them. Nigel and Fly won the non BC/WSD Final.

Even without a final to compete in next year I would very much like to go to the Wyre show again - there really is no comparision the beautiful venue of Cartmel racecourse versus Newbury by the side of the M4/A34....!!

Cadbury Ad

This Cadbury Ad really made me laugh - its a Canadian one and I found it on YouTube

Sunday, 17 June 2007


Just been to Axstane for 2 days it was a nice show but quite busy to try and keep an eye on all the Grades/sizes in the 7 rings (and watch lots of agility and get to chat to lots of people!)

On Saturday Cadbury just had one clear - 6th in Medium 1-5 Jumping - in the 1-7 Agility he popped over the wrong jump and in the 1-5 Agility he doubled in the weave poles but coped with really well with the 3 pull throughs.

We had a breakthrough on Saturday - little Jaf my Apricot Poodle (aged 4 - photo above) has been worried over the see-saw for a long time and in the Small 1-5 Agility he did a lovely run with a really confident see-saw and out of 133 dogs came 8th - he has had a few placings in Jumping but this is the first placing he has ever had in agility and I was very proud of him :)

On Sunday Roger came along too and he got 8th with Josie in Grade 4 Jumping and naughty contacts in 3-4 Agility (1 out of 3) so we tried an experiment with me running her in 4-5 Agility and her contacts were much better (2 out of 3!) - more work needed Mr Brown ;)

Cadbury was a bit wild in his 1-5 Jumping but did manage a messy clear and came 7th, he did a nice clear in 1-5 Agility with a reminding hold on all the contacts as he has been getting a little cheeky running them when he should stop and came 5th. We got an E in 3-7 Jumping 2 jumps from home he popped over the back of the start jump but he ran lovely.

Jaf had a lovely clear in Small 1-5 Jumping but was just out of the places, in the Agility he remembered he was scared of the see-saw and it took a bit of coaxing to persuade him it would not eat him!

No clears from Fleet but he did some nice bits in all 3 of his runs. Foggy - bless him - got 6th in Anysize.

Really pleased for Nancy and Niamh on their win in G5 Jumping and for Sue White and Merc who were 2nd in the Gamblers so qualified for the Final.

Watched Britains got Talent on TV - not sure how the Opera chap won - I liked the monkey chap and the 2 little girls!

Friday, 15 June 2007

RVA Today

Well we had an early start and today we went off to RVA at Peterborough - just me as Roger was at work, the show is held with the East of England Country Show - the Agility is held in a corner of the show (5 rings). Bless him little Cads went clear in all 3 of his runs - he came 5th in Medium Grade 1-3 Combined Agility, 2nd in Medium Grade 1-3 Combined Jumping and was just out of the places in the 1-7 Medium Helter Skelter.

Cadburys friend Fleet came 2nd in 1-7 Large Helter Pt2 - with his Friend Merc and our friend Sue White taking 1st, Fleet was also 4th in the Genesis 3-5 Jumping. I also ran Rogers dogs Josie and JaiJai who ran ok but did not go clear, and little Jaf only had one run and ran well but got e'd in the pull through.

The weather forecast was not good but luckily Sue and I had finished all our runs before there was a rain shower. I had a look round the main show and bought a nice container to put dog treats in and also a couple of storage units for the bathroom.

Thursday, 14 June 2007


Cadbury is a Toy Poodle (dob 29.07.05) he grew a bit big really but I luv him to bits and no not just due to him being ok at agility but because he is a really sweet and entertaining dog to live with - he seems to have lots of fans which is lovely - his trademark look is that he has never had a haircut so looks like a rasta dog! I also have 2 Border Collies Foggy (aged 10) and Fleet (aged 6) and a Miniature Poodle called Jaf (aged 4). All of the dogs compete in Agility and I live with my other half Roger and he has 3 collies.


Well everyone else seemed to have Blogs so I thought I would join in!