Friday, 23 November 2007

Newton Heath November

A short trip (ha ha!) up the M6 to go to Newton Heath - we always stay over the night before and I have tried various places - some too noisy/too near a busy road/insecure parking/strange owners/2 dog limit etc! So we stayed at a farm BnB - the same place we stayed for Lune Valley in October - it was ok....but it was cold so nearly all the dogs came in (a couple go in large fabric crates) and the room was freezing cold! So I might try somewhere else next time!!

Onto the show - poor Roger did not have a great day JaiJai was rather hyped up and had no clears and Josie also had no clears but at least she got 2 jumping runs to do while she is still being re-trained to do contacts - but is being spayed soon so will have a good break before she re-starts.

Little Cadders was a star-let - I am still working on his stops on the contacts and was very pleased with how he ran the 4-5 graded agility and he came 2nd, in the 4-5 combined jumping he did another good run and ended up having a run off for 3rd and 4th - he won the run off so 3rd we came. This show only put on 2 runs for smalls and mediums so it was nice to have a run off - one to get another go at the same course but also to give us an extra run as the big dogs all got 3 runs.

Littler Jaf is just going to do jumping now as it was not worth stressing him over the see-saw - I bought a see-saw (ages ago) and I had worked on getting his confidence up and it worked for a short time and then he does the darn thing at a show a bit fast and then scares himself and we are back to square one again... I was very proud that Jaf came 6th in the small combined 4-5 Jumping - he does not get many places so this makes it even more special when he does :)

Fleet was a bit of a goon....just small things wrong in each run but also did some nice bits too. No runs for the oldies at this show - good job really as it was a manic show - loads of people there who I had not seen at this venue before - I guess like us they did not want to get bored in the winter!

As Cads and Jaf were the stars a photo of was from ages and ages ago when we were moving house and yes that really is Cadbury - it was the 2nd and last time he had his face shaved and had a bath and blow dry he has been au natural since then which is not to everyones taste but of course I like it! He has still never had his body hair cut and I am sort of used to people asking what breed he is!!


Karen said...

ya well done caddas but special well done to jaff, tikka sends jaff a special lick and said please DONT ever have cadas cut like that again as she would not recognise him and likes the way he looks very much xx

Hooch and troops said...

ah Cadbury is a one off and we wouldnt recognise him if he had a poodle cut...little hooch is hairy too and i love it..