Thursday, 6 November 2008

Popping back.....

Thought I would pop back and put a little update on the blog...I say little and then the keyboard will run away with me...! I keep reading everyone elses blogs and for various reasons have not updated my own....bad bad blogger!

KC Fest - enjoyed judging and competed with Cad, Fleet and also some runs with Joyce Hazel's little tri BC Jovi - if my memory is right I think the only place I got was with Jovi - a 5th with a messy clear.

DIN - some pants weather but Fleet and Cads ran well, Cad had a 2nd in Agility and also qualified for the 5-6 Medium Final - coming 5th in the Final

Dashin Dogs - judged there too - and only competed for 2 days - Cads won his last Grade 5 Agility and got a 2nd in Jumping.

Summer at Ely - got a few places here - Cad came 1st in TYOL, also popped (haha) up to the Dog Vegas Final with Fleet - he got E-d at a really tricky part but was pleased with how he ran the rest.

Letchworth - did 2 days at this show and got a few places - including a 2nd with Joyce's Jovi.

Trent Park - no places here but Fleet and Cads ran well :)

Wrexham and Oswestry were cancelled due to bad weather :(

Prestbury Park - I think this one was nearly cancelled due to bad weather but actually dried out very well and was at the most beautiful venue - got a few places including a 3rd with Cad :)

Bromsgrove - again a show I really like - got a few places here including a 7th with JaiJai which I was really pleased about as he does not go clear very often!

Dashin Dogs - Cadbury got his first win at Grade 6 (Graded 6-7 Agility) yay for the little brown scruffy dog - very proud of him :) Cad also had a 3rd. Got a few other places with the other dogs including a 3rd in Grade 5 Agility with Fleety :)

Dashin was the last weekend of the Voice Points and I now know that Cadbury has won the Medium Grade 5 Section in the Voice and by quite a margin I am so very proud of him :)

Lune Valley - just a small trip mmmm a lovely show and venue though (indoors yay I like indoor shows!) Cad got a 2nd in 6/7 Combined Agility so well pleased with that place and I got a few other places too.

Downland - just recently judged at Downland in the morning and enjoyed that and then had a nice time chatting to people and watching agility in the afternoon!

Phew that's up to date I think - sorry it's just a list but did not want to make it war and peace!

I do have a photo of Cad in the DIN Final - I must scan that as it's a nice one.

Bye for now, Lorna x


Lian said...

So glad you FINALLY update your blog! Phew! That's a long list, make sure you update more often. We'd like to hear from you. The sheltie boys send their kisses to Cadders.

Nat said...

I think I'm in shock! lol

More regular posts please!! :)

Rosie Ison said...

About time too Lorna...Smack hands you bad Congrats on winning the Gd 5 Agility Club award.

I'm Helen said...

I'm exhausted just reading it Lorna!!! And huge well dones for all your wins and top places with the poodly one.Hx

Karen said...

Ha ha nice to read your blog again!! well done with the gd 5 agility club award thats brilliant karen xxx