Thursday, 14 June 2007


Cadbury is a Toy Poodle (dob 29.07.05) he grew a bit big really but I luv him to bits and no not just due to him being ok at agility but because he is a really sweet and entertaining dog to live with - he seems to have lots of fans which is lovely - his trademark look is that he has never had a haircut so looks like a rasta dog! I also have 2 Border Collies Foggy (aged 10) and Fleet (aged 6) and a Miniature Poodle called Jaf (aged 4). All of the dogs compete in Agility and I live with my other half Roger and he has 3 collies.


Karen said...

he is def a very cool poodle karen x

Lian said...

I think Cadbury is very special because he has not has his haircut, being natural! I like that!

Andy & Nancy said...

He's gorgeous. Welcome to blogland! Keep posting!