Friday, 15 June 2007

RVA Today

Well we had an early start and today we went off to RVA at Peterborough - just me as Roger was at work, the show is held with the East of England Country Show - the Agility is held in a corner of the show (5 rings). Bless him little Cads went clear in all 3 of his runs - he came 5th in Medium Grade 1-3 Combined Agility, 2nd in Medium Grade 1-3 Combined Jumping and was just out of the places in the 1-7 Medium Helter Skelter.

Cadburys friend Fleet came 2nd in 1-7 Large Helter Pt2 - with his Friend Merc and our friend Sue White taking 1st, Fleet was also 4th in the Genesis 3-5 Jumping. I also ran Rogers dogs Josie and JaiJai who ran ok but did not go clear, and little Jaf only had one run and ran well but got e'd in the pull through.

The weather forecast was not good but luckily Sue and I had finished all our runs before there was a rain shower. I had a look round the main show and bought a nice container to put dog treats in and also a couple of storage units for the bathroom.

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