Friday, 14 December 2007

Kaiser :)

Well its been a few days now and Kaiser is just fab. Of course all puppies involve lots of work for watching them so they don't get into trouble and for housetraining and plus there is lots of playing to be done so it's an exciting but tiring time!

The other dogs are getting used to him and Kaiser and Cadbury have had some great playing sessions.

He had two trips to training both for our last nights of term with end of of term jovialities - he gots lots of hugs from people and seemed to be taking everything in.

The garden has been frozen solid so at first he looked a bit like "eeek I don't want to get my feet cold" but once he got used to it he was fine.

(that sock has a tennis ball in - its not that I have left my socks lying about honest!)

He went to the Vets to have his first jab today and that went ok - the Vet said he thought he was lovely and they do have one other Kelpie on their books but am not sure who that one belongs to.

Kaiser is cute and cheeky all rolled into one, he is a very bold puppy which is lovely so Mark and Marie have done a good job before he came home to us.

He has such a cute puppy sit!

And ooops only had him a few days and lost his head!!!!!

I must take some photos outside (with the digi camera rather than my phone!) but it has just been sooooo cold!


Lian said...

Oh Lorna, Kaiser is soooooooo cute! I like to give him a big hug.

Merry Christmas!!

minty said...

...Have you put your christmas decoration up yet?

Karen said...

cant wait to meet him he is gorgeous x

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

What a cutie Lorna, can't wait to meet him. Dudley loves puppies so you don't have to run in the opposite direction when you see us.

Hudsondoglets said...

He looks as if he's made himself at home very quickly! He has big paws. Niamh's paws were like that, they seem to grow into the paws rather than the other way round (thankfully!)