Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas

Been soooo busy here! I will try and cover each bit at a time!

Blue the foster dog is still looking for a home - sadly his new home did not work out :(

Kaiser is coming along lovely - he is cute and cheeky all rolled into one!

Went to watch at Olympia on Senior (6/7) day - Amanda and I go each year to watch/shop! I just don't tire of the excitement of watching the agility there and have loved watching all the videos back of the agility that night and also the small/Medium/ABC and Novice ones too - so thanks to everyone for the links! To those who did well - yay! To those who would have liked to have done better - well done for being there and I am sure you will all be out there trying to qualify again!

Nigel and Donna's 15 year old lurcher Bear went missing last week and it must have been such an awful time for them - after being missing for quite a few days today she was thankfully found and was ok - we went searching on Sunday and I kept willing her to appear on the horizon (sadly she didn't) but with lots of people out searching and putting up posters and spreading the word I am sure it all helped for her to be found today - I stood in the corridor at work on the phone to Donna in tears when she rang to say Bear had been found and she is not even my dog!

Here she is having a well earned snooze tonight at Claudine and Carlo's house - it was so lovely to be able to see her when I dropped their Christmas pressies round.

Further down our road is a house locally famous for its Christmas lights - I stopped on the way home today to try and take some photos - the photos are not that good as they are on my phone and in the dark but you get the idea! They raise money for charity and last year they were runners up in a nationwide competition for people who decorate their houses!

I would like to wish everyone we know - humans and canines a Very Happy Christmas and a Fab New Year Lorna x


minty said...

Merry Christmas, from us all down here in sunny Cornwall

Lian said...

Merry Christmas!!

I am so glad that Bear has been found. We went to search for her on Monday morning for few hours and sadly she didn't show her face. I was so glad that a kind lady has found her and that would be the best Christmas present for Nigel and Donna.

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Merry Christmas 2 U & Urs 2 Lorna xxx

Hudsondoglets said...

It was such great news about Bear. Glad to hear that puppy is coming along nicely!