Sunday, 20 January 2008

Kaiser Puplett :)

Well Kaiser is now 14 weeks old. He and I have continued our little adventures together along with his first trip to a show (schhhh only went in the car park!)

He is such a cheeky little character and always full of beans - he has done the occasional walk (on lead) with the other dogs and it seems he might be another Fleet-maniac....most of our dogs are mad about Fleet....weird!

I have done a little bit of clicker training with him and he is getting qood on sits and downs.

Here are various recent photos. I must try and remember he has big ears and to make sure I get all of them into the photo!!


Hudsondoglets said...

Gosh, those ears are magnificent!

I'm Helen said...

You should have sais yuo had him with you as he could have met Nellie and had a puppy play!

Karen said...

Oh I just love his ears he is growing to be a very handsome chap indeed.

Lian said...

Ah! He is growing fast! Can't believe a Kelpie puppy could have such a huge ear!!