Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Growing up!

That's Kaiser not me I am not growing up yet that's dull !

Well Kaiser is going to be 12 weeks old on Saturday. He has had both his jabs and was so sweet at the Vets even on the second visit wagging his tail so fast even though the vet was going to jab him :)

Kaiser and I have visited lots of places and Thank You to Helen and Nellie-Bean (a lovely Fleety Niece) for the reminders on their Blog of things to do to socialise a pup, a few places we have been to are Pets at Home (a few times - well a boy can never have enough toys and treats!), Tesco, our local shop, down the road to visit the house with the Christmas lights, the garden centre nearby, we have watched traffic and kids playing ball and making lots of noise so hopefully all this has been a good learning time for Kaiser and he has taken it all in his stride. A little chuckle he has been out in the Smart Car for most of the trips - I can fit a cage in the back and its a good car for him to see whats going on around him as we have travelled about.

Cadbury continues to think his new best mate is brilliant except.....when he grabs his ear and won't let go! Cads is learning to be a little more assertive to let Kaiser know that he does not like that kind of game and I make sure that Kaiser is not allowed to annoy him.

Our elderly neighbour has been poorly recently (they are both in their 70's) so I have not seen them much - I saw Joan and was asking after her husband Joe and had Kaiser with me out the front of the house and they did not know I had a pup and Joan said that Joe who has been housebound had noticed I always seemed to be in the back garden!

Christmas and New Year were ok - nothing very exciting happened - at work some sad and mad stuff but that's normal! I was working Christmas Day, Boxing day, New Years Eve (only till 6pm) and New Years Day so not much of a Holiday for me - I tend not to ask for the time off as feel its more important for my colleagues with children to be allowed the time off. Roger visited some of his family and my Mum and Sister visited us on Christmas evening. I think my 2 nicest pressies were a lovely soft lilac FatFace scarf from Claudine and a lovely purple Kipling bag from Sue.

We had lots of fireworks round here on New Years Eve and I am glad we stayed home with the dogs - only Josie and Rip are very worried - the rest of the dogs look a bit concerned at the very loud bangs. So it was Jools Holland on the TV up loud to try and drown out the fireworks!

Its been nice to be able to do some different things - we have been to dinner with friends, I went for a girls night out to a friends and we had a takeaway and I went for a lovely long walk with Sue and Duessa at the Lookout.

I Hope everyone is well and that you are all having a good time with your families and dogs.

Kaiser now has "proper" Kelpie ears :)


minty said... do you keep him looking so groomed!

Paula said...

Ooooo look at those ears.
Can I shout 'kelpie, kelpie, kelpie' at him like I do Jay's Stihl? It really winds her up but it's fun to see Jay with a big eared, bouncy ball on the end of the lead.:)

Karen said...

he is really gorgeous, and Todd sais he really likes him too x

OBay Shelties said...

It does take alot of work to socialize a new puppy! Keep it up!

Todd only likes him because his ears stick up more than Todds!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

O how cute! Can't wait to meet him.

Helen said...

He is gorgeous Lorna. I love his face! And his paws! Glad to be of service with ideas for social stuff.But I am sure you knew it all anyway. Helen