Saturday, 16 February 2008

Waldridge Fell....

On Friday the 8th February we set off "up north", Roger had the day off work and was attending his first show of the year (my third..:o)) Duessa had kindly been our booking secretary and booked us a nice pub to stay at - it was a pub where we have eaten when at Northern Week and Sue has stayed there before so knew it was dog friendly.

We had a good trip up in nice weather and had a nice evening at the pub and the dogs were all very well behaved - Kaiser and Sue's merlie pup Bear had a play in her room, Kaiser was so much bigger and a bit rough so sweet Cadders came in for a play and he and Bear played lovely.

We were staying apx 40 miles from the show so had an early start and we were very lucky with the weather as the sun shone all day - its not a show or venue that Roger and I had been to before and I understand in previous years there has been heavy rain or snow and its been very bleak there. It was a nice indoor school with plenty of room for 3 rings.

Cads classes were Medium Combined 3-7 - agility, jumping and another jumping, he has not done that many runs up against grade 6 and 7 dogs so I thought it would be interesting to see how we got on. He had the agility run first which was an interesting course (see below - click on it to make it bigger) while queuing I watched a kelpie cross do a stunning run and thought no time for any hesitations if I wanted to try and get a place so we went for it and ran all the contacts - he did them fine running all the way to the floor I just did not make him stop. I was very pleased with the run and watched a few more people go thinking they would have been quicker than us but thought it would be nice to see Cads time. As is the northern way the score tables were hiding somewhere (found the one for this ring in the cafe!) and I was very surprised to find out that Cads was laying and stayed 2nd. The speedy kelpie cross won and was a good few secs ahead of us but even though it was not a huge show entries wise for Cads to have come 2nd in a 3-7 was brilliant.

Cads also went clear in both his jumping classes and was just out of the places in them both.

Fleet bless him also had 3/3 clears :) The Large dog classes were Graded 1-7 (agility, jumping and another jumping) We had a messy agility run so that put him out of the places, and in Pete Jennings jumping really we should have had a 5r and I stopped trying but we ended up with a clear again at Grade 5 you can't be messy or waste time so he was out of the places. In his last run another jumping he did a lovely run with one small place were we lost a smidgeon of time and I was very surprised and pleased that he came 3rd.

Roger had no clear rounds.....Josie is still only doing jumping but at least had 2 runs - she had one messy run with faults and in the other just had a 5r. JaiJai did ok with a nice wait on the start line in 2 classes (which he did not have last year) but alas no clears.

Sue had a good day with 1st and 2nd with Bug in Jumping - what a good Buggarty and a 2nd with Merc in Jumping.

So then the long drive home broken up with a nice meal with Sue and Duessa.

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OBay Shelties said...

Yeah for the furry thing! Looks like he won't be out of place in the higher grages!

You guys are crazy going up north! It is cold up there! ;-)