Thursday, 28 February 2008

Newton Heath

Ok madly got up at 3.15am and set off at only(!) takes 3.5 hours at that time in the morning funnily enough the motorway is rather clear!

I always like to get to shows with lots of time to spare to walk the dogs - I had taken 6 dogs with me leaving the oldies Fog and Rip at home as Roger would be in and out all day so I had a busy day with walking them, running them, Kaiser being old enough to go in and have a look round...oh and then having to find enough energy to drive home again! It is rather dull travelling such a long way on your own (well with the dogs but they are all akip!)

Roger was working again - he has to work 2 Saturdays a month with his silly job - it used to be one but has gone up to two as you can imagine he is not that happy about that! In years gone by it used to be me working some weekends...ah well I get to run the lovely JaiJai and Josie the strange merle!

Back to the show...there were only 2 runs per dog - one jumping and agility - Josie and Jaf were only doing jumping. There was a pay on the day class for charity split into various sections so I thought I would put Fleet, Cads, Josie and JaiJai into it - so I had 13 runs!

Fleet:- he came 8th in Grade 5 Jumping with one messy bit, his G5 Agility was soooo funny he had gone lovely and was clear only 4 things to go and then he came round a jump the opposite way to which I thought he would and trying to think on my feet got me left behind and then he got but ran the aframe and then came back to see where I was and put a foot back on the bottom of the aframe I started to laugh which did not help! His POD Class was 5-7 Graded TFO hmmmm too hard for Fleet with well strange switch behinds which he does not like on the first bit with no forward momentum so we got a 5r and left.....laughing!

Cadbury:- he came 3rd in Medium 4/5 Combined Jumping - I really liked this course and there were some interesting handling bits so we really went for it and I was pleased to come 3rd with 2 speedy leggy terriers above us, his agility we missed the weave entry and then it all went a bit wrong and we left laughing....this laughing was becoming a theme....perhaps it was mild hysteria after the early morning start! Cads POD was 1-7 Medium Helter Skelter we whizzed round as fast as we could but I did not think we would be quick enough for a place but Cads came 6th so I was really pleased :)

Jaf:- he had just the one run - Small 4/5 jumping - he did a really lovely clear round for him as he can be very unconfident and slows down or stops and get all worried at shows (hence we gave up with the see-saw and he just does one jumping class) I checked his time and he was the first one out of the places which for little Jaf is brill as he only occasionally gets a place.

JaiJai:- oh dear what can I say about him he was off his head - I think he finds indoor shows a bit exciting - he did a few nice bits in each run including getting all his contacts quite nicely but no clears and his Grade 4 Jumping was a very testing tight course and really too much for him.

Josie:- she should have been able to get round the above mentioned Grade 4 Jumping course but she seemed rather excited and barked a bit and whizzed off the wrong way and kicked off a few poles I think she sees me as a bit of fun and running with her Dad is more serious! In the POD 1-4 Graded Helter Skelter she listened well, whizzed round and kept the poles up and came 4th :)

Kaiser had a fab day - saw 2 of his black brothers Draco and Flash and was so excited to see all the people and dogs he is such a happy little dog!

Then the dreaded bit the long drive home......I had delegated Fleet to drive but he did not look keen on the idea so it was down to me ;) stopped for 2 breaks on the way back and shared KFC with the dogs. Had a nice day but was flippin knackered when I got home late in the evening!


Karen said...

well done on all places but special well done to the lovely Jaffa and Tikka send licks too x

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

You agility crazed person!! Geting up at that time of night! Well worth it if you having fun with your dogs tho eh :) Nice lot of results there too