Thursday, 10 April 2008

Spring at Thing day two

So off we set for day two. I still cannot believe how hot it was almost like a mini heatwave!

Iain Fraser set some really interesting courses today and I had two of them with Cadbury, in the Agility he knocked the last bit of the long jump and in the jumping after having been going round lovely I got lost right near the end...doh! Nice dog - shame about the handler! Also had a time fault and out and he had his cheeky head on and went straight on near the start of the course.

Ripley came 6th in Anysize - bless him he will be 12 in a few weeks and he does still enjoy the anysize classes, Fog ran too and back jumped but he had fun :)

Jaf only had one class and my runs started to clash so I decided not to run him as I hate to keep a ring waiting or be late if I can help it - so Roger decided he would run him - he did try and run Jaf once before where Jaf did one jump and ran to me but off he went on his own and said they did very well and that Jaf was speedy - had a 5R and missed a weave.

Fleet had a 1-7 NBC Class (Nothing but Collie) - we had a really goony run and I would have marked my see-saw however the Judge came and told me that I was clear but the clock had not stopped so I could run again for time. This we did and got a good stop on every contact and he came 21st out of apx 300 so I was pleased with that. Fleet did a lovely run in G5 Jumping and just went into the wrong end of the pipe tunnel. Fleet did a nice clear in G5 Agility after the cheeky contacts of the original NBC run I held my contacts and had a twizzly bit and he was just out of the places.

JaiJai seems to be specialising in the fastest 5 fault runs but he is lovely to watch! Josie had a clear in G4 Jumping and came 8th.

Almost caught up with the Blog now! Hope all the other bloggers and blog readers are having fun with their dogs. x

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