Monday, 2 June 2008

I keep getting behind!

Oh dear I am have such good intentions and then they fall by the wayside! I will try and do a quick re-cap of what we have been up to.

Mad Weekend - it seemed like a good idea on the weekend of 17th/18th May to go to Ribble for their one day (inside!) show and then nip (haha) across to Dog Vegas for the Sunday - Roger was working on the Saturday and he wanted to compete on the Sunday and that was the only show just about within reach....phew it was a lot of driving though!

At Ribble Cads got a 2nd in 4/5 Agility and a 3rd in 1-7 Helter Skelter, Fleet got a 3rd in 5-7 Jumping and I got clears with Josie and JaiJai just out of the places (JaiJai's runs were taken very steady due to the plastic poles!) and Rip did a lovely run in a clear round only Anysize. I nearly left JaiJai behind...long story...!

Dog Vegas was ok - nice to have 4 runs with Cads however they were all 5-7 combined and small in number and the standard was very good with speedy legged G7 and Ag Ch collies there - bless him he did lovely clears in the jumpings and was 1 and 2 out of the places. Fleet came 4th in 3-5 Agility - afterwards I found out it was a Dog Vegas Qualifier and the first 4 qualify for a final in August - with shows and travelling I am not sure we can attend but its nice to qualify. Rip had a place in Anysize. Roger had no clears but his dogs did some good bits.

hmmmm Supadogs...well there has already been lots of postings on the weather/river is a flood plain so it was only really a matter of time and after two nights in the caravan with hardly any sleep due to rain and high winds I was actually glad to get home to walls made of bricks...much as I luv my caravan! Roger was working the first day and so I had his two to run...I got a 9th in Grade 4 Jumping with Josie and an 11th in Grade 5 Jumping with Fleet and JaiJai did an awesome run in 3/4 Agility just spoiled by going into the second weave. On the Sunday Fleet got a 20th in a large in number 4/5 Jumping. Rip and Fog had clears in Vets/Anysize.

I cancelled 2 days leave and went back to work - the weather was not that nice and I would rather save the leave to take at another time.

Phew I thinks that's it I have caught up - need to do a separate posting on Pads Show.

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Angela said...

..Busy, busy, busy - I wish I had your energy! I should think Cornwall is due for another visit !!!