Friday, 13 June 2008


Well I went to Wyre and Roger went to Thames !! Last year we both went to Wyre as Rip was in the Veteran Jumping Final (he came 2nd in it bless him) and we both thought it was a lovely show in a idylic part of the country so I wanted to go again and as I don't work on Friday I could spend Friday travelling up. Roger sort of (haha!) works on Friday and also he had to work on the Saturday so really it was way too far for him to drive up after work on the Saturday so....Sue, Duessa and I stayed at a posh BnB.

At Thames Roger had entered 3 classes on the Saturday in case he got finished work early - he did get there in time to do one class but it was a hard course for JaiJai (he tells me!) and he got E-d. On the Sunday he was paired up with a French lady who was coming over from France for the weekend - Josie was with her Merle collie and they came 17th in the Chum Pairs and also Roger got a 9th in Grade 4 Jumping with Josie.

Wyre...a lovely show - 4 runs for the large dogs - Fleet had all 3-5's - 2 combined and 2 graded each day - people have said that it's not fair on the Grade 3's to run in combined 3-5 but actually the 3's seem to do very well and I know of 3 grade 3 dogs that won combined 3-5's over the weekend :) I know Mediums is not quite the same but Cad used to beat Grade 5's when he was running at grade 3 :)

Fleet only had one clear and he got 6th in 3-5 combined Jumping - he seemed to have 5-fault-itis! Rip did a lovely run in Veteran Jumping and came 5th.

I had got this far into the year with Cads and he was still Grade 5 so I had two more weeks to stay in Grade 5 if I wanted to compete at DIN and the KC Festival as a "Novice" so this was what I decided I wanted to do - have fun but not worry too much about places - bless him with a very held dog walk contact he came 3rd in Medium 4-5 Agility and worked well in his other classes. We had a Medium 1-7 Jumping and I quite liked the course it had the course and thought it would be fun to try out a few things that I would do in training but perhaps not be brave enough to do in the ring - Cad whizzed round and then Sue told me I was in the lead??? Bug would have of course beaten Cad but she had a pole down, Nooooooo I can't be in the lead in 1-7 (Cads needs either one jumping or one agility to take him to Grade 6......) class closing in 2 mins.....2 more dogs appeared one a collie that I know is not at all speedy and a black terrier I did not know - well thankfully the black terrier (a lovely dog I now know is called Morph - what a cool name!) beat us and I was very pleased to come 2nd.

Poor Cad he must be the only dog that has an umambitious handler! One more weekend and then he can go up a grade if he really has to.....I know he does not have the speed or length of leg up against the speedy mediums but we shall continue to have fun :)

This post includes a few more of Ians photos (Cad) - thanks Ian :) and some photos that Sue took (Fleet and Rip) - thanks Sue :)


Whisperedreams Border Collies said...

Hello you dont know me. My name is Sarah and i have a jaff puppy i was just looking a fleet and admiring you blog comments on her i hope my pup turns out like her she's lovely :)

Whisperedreams Border Collies said...

Sorry ment to say him, to use to having bitches :)

Lorna said...

Hi Sarah - have fun with Flame - they are lovely dogs - I will have another related one day :)

Lorna x