Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I am the baddest Blogger!

Ok not quite but I have been sooo bad at updating recently......various reasons really, been very busy at work as I have been working on a project, then I am Show Sec for Newlands Show which is this Saturday, making sure I spend enough time with the dogs etc etc!

I will do a little recap....Axstane...nothing that exciting to report from here - Cad only had one class as a Grade 5 where he was not competing against G6/7's not really sure thats very fair....saying that the one run he had just aganst 5's was 5-7 Graded and we threw that as if I wanted to do the KC Fest Novice thing (which I know I will balls up now!) then he had to stay in G5 for that weekend. A nice lady with a little Pap had asked me to do Mini/Mixi with her with Cad and they actually make a very sweet pair - they came 14th so that was cool - it was just bizarre running Cad on a course that had small and medium jumps very near each other and I was proud to stop him doing any small jumps!

Ok will do the Lake District ten days at Lune and Barrow in the next post.....(or maybe get some zzzzzz!!)


Paula said...

OMG I thought Newlands was on Sunday, glad you updated your blog :)

Angela said...

.....Bad Blogger indead! Well done anyway, I hear you've been winning loads, with Cadders.