Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Dashin and DIN

Well we had a great if tiring time at Dashin and DIN. I judged for a day at Dashin which I really enjoyed and lots of people said they liked my courses which always makes it more worthwhile!

Cadbury was a good little chap at Dashin he gained 1st x 2 (one Jumping one Agility -the Agility win taking him up to Grade 5), 2nd x 3, 3rd x 4, and a 4th.

We were helping out so took hardly any videos - luckily Roger got Cads Jumping win

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 8/22/07

The rest of the dogs all got a few places across the Dashin days except Jaf who had a sore toe so was resting! The best places for the other dogs were Josie 5th, JaiJai 7th, Fleet 5th x 2, Fog 2nd in Veteran Pairs and Rip 6th in Veterans.

Roger went home at the end of Dashin as he had to go back to work, he took the oldies Fog and Rip with him as no classes fro them at DIN and also Jaf who was still resting his toe and I went onto DIN.

Blimey there were a lot of Medium Dogs at DIN compared to any other show this year!

Cadburys Classes were all Combined 1-5 and there were up to 130 dogs in the classes and 4 of our 8 runs were qualifiers for the DIN Medium 1-5 Final - I did not have high hopes to do well against so many good dogs but Cadbury was a good boy and had a 9th, 6th, 10th, 12th and 15th and also a 4th in Medium Pairs.

His 3 places in the qualifiers put him in 4th place out of the 15 dogs that qualified and in the final he did a lovely clear round and came 4th - I was sooooo proud of him. Amanda bought me a lovely photo of him and I kept proudly showing it to everyone!

Thanks to Dennis for the photo of Cadbury in the Final :)

Mark Douglas videoed the Final at DIN so hopefully I will be able to get a copy.

I enjoyed running Fleet, JaiJai and Josie at DIN. I think the weaves had to be re-pegged after each of JaiJai's runs as he is such a whirlwind through them - he had no clears but lots of stunning bits. Fleet had a 10th, 12th and a 5th on a very hard jumping course which started jump pull though and I went the long way round jump one so did no pull through chuckle!! I only had 4 runs at DIN with Josie as she is allergic to contacts at the moment - we managed a 17th with a detour on the course!

Returned home to loads of washing and was worn out, have been letting the dogs especially little Cads just chill for a couple of days with no training and just gentle walks.

Well Done to everyone else who did brilliantly with their dogs - I tend to think that good results are a sign of a good partnership between dog and handler.


Lian said...

Well done Lorna & Cadbury!! Isn't Cads a clever chap! Great future in front of him!!

I need to work hard to catch up with you!!

Karen said...

Well done you just soo deserve this Lorna enjoy, I love the picture that Dennis took, he looks so cool k xx

Andy & Nancy said...

Cadbury is a star! Didn't realise you had won up a grade at DD - well done! Your round in the DIN final was brill!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Not surpriseing you getting all those prizes running like that wot a team!