Sunday, 5 August 2007

Off on Holidays (again!)

Well it does not seem that long since we went to the Lake District for a week and now we are off on holiday again!

We should have gone already going up to High Peak on the way to Dashin Dogs but High Peaks was cancelled due to flooded ground, to be honest that one made me a little cross as they cancelled very early "just in case there was more rain" and more rain was not expected and now we have a heatwave!!

On a more serious note and of course a huge amount more important than Agility there has been F&M found local-ish to where we live - I hope its able to be dealt with in the best possible way.

So off to Dashin Dogs shortly, the competitions are Mon/Tue/Wed and Thursday is a day off, then competing again Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then on Monday I am off to Ipswich for DIN with some of the dogs and Roger is coming home as he has to work, he chooses Dashin over DIN as for his dogs the classes are better (and I get more holiday from work!). He is taking the 2 old chaps (Rip and Fog) home with him as they have no classes at DIN and its less dogs for me to share my time over but blimey I will miss them!

At Dashin I am Judging on the Tuesday so I am looking forward to that, and on Wednesday evening there is the Final of the Lazer Pairs and then on Thursday morning the Final of the Team Dash - I like watching Finals :)

We are due to help out a bit at Dashin, ring managing one day and helping another day as well as the Judging, Emma and Nigel who run the show are really nice and they do look after the people who help.

Good Luck and have fun to all our agility blogger friends in the meantime. See some of you at DIN.

A photo of Cadbury when he was younger.


Andy & Nancy said...

Have a great time at DD - see you at DIN


Val said...

Hope you have a great time Lorna. Have just got back from UKA week and decided not to do Dashin Dogs this year because the ground plays havoc with my feet. See you at DIN

Karen said...

Have a great time at DD and good luck see you at DIN k and woofs xxx

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Have fun hope to catch up with you at DIN

OBay Shelties said...

Hey Lorna

I have some photos of Cadbury from the DIN final but I cannot find your email addy. Email me at