Thursday, 23 August 2007

Front Cover Star!

Cadbury is on the Front Cover of the Agility Eye :)

Sam a girl I know from a Border Collie Forum asked if I had any photos of my dogs doing Agility and not just collies as her Mum was doing a new cover for the Agility Eye. I have some Fab ones that Lynn Sheridan took so I checked Lynn did not mind and sent a few to Sam and then many months later the Eye has a new cover with Cadbury in the corner and JaiJai jumping across the front!

The photo shows the July issue but it did not come out till the August issue as the printers got flooded.

It will be lovely for our copy of the Eye to arrive each month and to see Cads and JaiJai!


Karen said...

spooky that you should post this as I was just about to email you and say I had just read the eye and Cadas was on the front page, did not know that Jai Jai was too ! how cool is that ! kxx

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Fame! Shame it doesn't come with fortune too eh!! lol! (laugh out load)

Andy & Nancy said...

How lovely!