Tuesday, 18 September 2007


I always like Bromsgrove Show - its in a lovely setting and the people who run the show are all really nice.

Cads was a good little chap and got 3rd in 1-4 Agility and Jumping. He also did lovely clears in the Graded 3-4 Jumping and Agility but they only placed to 1st in the Grade 4 and he would have been 2nd in both classes.

My next job is to work a bit on Cads turns, this is not something I have worked that much on as as I wanted him to have as much go as possible as he is really quite a small Medium dog so needed lots of zippyness!

The other dogs did ok best results being that Fleet had a 5th in G5 Jumping, Josie a 9th in a very tricky 1-7 Jumping, Jaf did a nice clear in a 5-7 Jumping, Rip and Fog both had anysize places, no clears for JaiJai but he did not some bits.

Our training had been cancelled since before Dashin Dogs due to F&M in our area and we were allowed back to the venue last week - it was nice to be back and see everyone and do some training with the dogs - luckily they have allowed training to continue with the most recent F&M outbreak.

I am afriad we have no recent photos or video - below is a photo taken by our friend Lynn Sheridan of Cadbury weaving - I luv the ears!


Lian said...

Lovely photo of Caddy weaving! Love the "flying" ears too!! He was a good boy, all your runs were very nice.

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Gr8 photo of Cadders flying ears!
He certainly is a zippy little fella!

Karen said...

ahhhhhh love his ears too!! well done on all your places and also the one this weekend k x