Tuesday, 11 September 2007


It was Rogers turn for the Trophies today :)

JaiJai came 2nd in Grade 3 Jumping AND Josie came 2nd in Grade 4 Jumping - I think Roger must have liked that Judges courses.

Cads had Medium 4-7 Agility and Jumping and they were both set at the top end of this scale - the jumping we went wrong near the start but the agility I did all the tricky bits and then mucked up an easy bit.....doh!
In the Veteran Jumping Rip came 5th and sweet little Foggy came 8th.

Fleet did a nice run on an interesting Grade 5 Jumping and just had one 5R.

A photo of Josie and JaiJai (in Hamsterley Forest) as they both had trophies today!


Andy & Nancy said...

Huge well done to Roger & Josie

From Nancy & Naughty Niamh xx

Andy & Nancy said...

Meant to add well done with all the other places, it's just that I'm especially pleased for him with Josie!


Karen said...

well done to both you and Rog what a good weekend ! kx

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

WOW! you knocking uyp those prizes. GRATZ!