Tuesday, 11 September 2007


We had a nice weekend, it was a nice short distance to tow the caravan after Northern Week (only 80-ish miles each way). Roger was working on Saturday so I had all the dogs to run so I had a busy day.
Very proud of the talented Mr Ripley who came 1st in Anysize Jumping, he was Novice when he retired from full height at the end of last year so for him to beat the dogs that retired at Senior and Advanced level who would have always been faster is no mean feat.
Cadbury came 2nd in Medium 4-5 Jumping - he was in a sheltie sandwich as a sheltie came 1st and 3rd!!

Fleet did for him a stunning run in Grade 5 Agility - he was leading till last and final call and I was having kittens as I say Fleet is 50% pure brilliance 50% goon so Grade 5 really is high enogh for him! Luckily Mark Douglas beat us into 2nd right at the end with his young Kelpie Puck - Puck had only been in Grade 5 for one week!

Josie and I don't always run very well as a team as I don't train her and I only run her once a month when her dad is working and also she is only doing jumping at the moment while Roger works on her contacts, she did a lovely run in the Genesis 3-5 Jumping and came 10th :)

Saturday evening saw Roger whizzing down from work and meeting a group of us at a nice pub for our Friend Don's 60th Birthday Dinner, we had a really nice night and a lovely meal.

A photo of Fleet in the Caravan


OBay Shelties said...

We like sheltie sandwiches! Well not to eat really but in prize givings....Actually I prefer sheltie sweeps (1st,2nd, 3rd)but will allow cadbury to fill in occasionally just because he is cute.

Andy & Nancy said...

Well done on all your great places, especially 1st with Ripley!