Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Mid Downs and Chippenham

Was not impressed these shows were two days running! We do ring party at Mid Downs so had to be there all day from helping the judge to tweak his course to packing the ring away.....and then Chippenham small/medium show was the anniversary of Cads competing for one year and I had offered a lift to a club member who does not travel that far so even though tired out after the long day of ring partying at Mid Downs then had another long cold day at Chippenham....ah well whinge over perhaps they won't be on consecutive days next year!

Mid Downs - Fleety got a 16th after a run off that he won in the 3-5 Jumping - his first run was quite messy in parts so it was nice to have another go and do a much better clear :) He was going lovely in the 4-5 Agility and then near-ish to the end ran past the cloth tunnel. Cadbury did a clear on an interesting but also speedy Jumping (4-7 I think) but was just out of the places and his agility was a very interesting course....I hear there were only 4 clears in the whole class....I was proud to have got to jump 12 clear before he popped an extra jump - it was 5-7 and the Supadog Qualifier - set at more like Grade 8 ;) !!

Chippenham - another early start and picked Lindsay and Pip up along the way - Cads and Pip had a run on first and then runs last in the rings...first run was 4-5 Graded Agility - I had already decided I would hold my contacts and Cads came a respectable 3rd with held contacts - Pip came 1st in that class and as he is in a class I teach at North Downs I was really pleased for them. One annoying bit was that when they did the presentation although they wrote Cads as 3rd they only gave places to 2nd doh! I got in the wrong place for the 4-5 jumping and got Cads E'd and we had a clear in both the 1-7 Steeplechase which was messy in parts and a lovely run in the 1-7 agility but I think Cads thought he had finished after the second to last jump and ground to a halt and took what seemed like ages to then jump the last jump - he was just out of the places with both these clears so I was pleased knowing their were places we could have saved time.

No video......I really must get some more video of Cads as have not had any of him for ages.

A photo of Cads that I have always liked when he was little :)


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Gratz! on your successes with Caddres - even if they don't give prizes you know you did gr8!
And doesn't Kiser look kewl in that photo :)

Snoopy said...

coooo eeeeeeeee :O))))

M & M