Monday, 31 March 2008

Easter in Cornwall

I am about a week late in my updates....ah well nevermind!

Roger and I had both been invited to judge in Cornwall at the 3 day K9 Kernow Show.

We travelled down on Thursday - the show was Friday (Roger judged), Saturday (I judged) and Sunday and then we travelled back on Monday. It made a nice break and the weather was not too bad at all compared to some other parts of the country.

I enjoyed my judging I had Large Combined 1 & 2 Jumping, Large Grade 3 Jumping and Pay on the Day Medium Pairs. The day I judged it did not rain at all which I was most happy about, it was cold but I was wrapped up well. On the other days there were a few showers and even a bit of hail.

This was Kaisers first time in the caravan and he seemed to enjoy it:-

The fleece is supposed to cover the seats.......but had been re-designed by Kaiser! The Showground in Wadebridge was a lovely if slightly windy place to stay it was brilliant for walking the dogs as there is such huge areas to walk that people are not all on top of each other.

How did the dogs do...well they did just fine bless em - Fleety got a 6th in G5 Jumping, Cadbury got 3rd in Medium 5-7 Combined Jumping (well pleased with that one) and a 2nd in Pay on the Day Take Your Own Line, JaiJai got 3rd in Grade 4 Jumping and Roger was kicking himself as he had a pole down in 4/5 Combined Agility and he checked his time and he was a bit ahead of the winner but of course it might have taken a little longer to keep the pole up.

The show had 2 runs a dog and also a pay on the day - I don't normally do Pay on the Day's but thought it would be good experience for Cads so I did a steeplechase as well as the aforementioned TYOL.

On the Saturday evening a group of 9 of us went into Wadebridge for an Indian meal which was really nice.

The tow back took a while as the A303 was clogged up but as least we were in no hurry and at least it was not after a days competing and packing up, we got back to caravan storage and I was sooo pleased that we finally got our old space back - the dippy man gave it to someone else in error and we had been in an awkward space for the last two shows of last year and all winter.

A couple more photos, Cadbury seems to be saying "oh yawn stop taking my photo" either that or "is it dinner time yet?" !!


Karen said...

glad your had a good time in cornwall and well done on all your places, kaiser is looking sooooooo grown up now :0)

Hudsondoglets said...

I love the photos of Kaiser in the caravan, he looks very much at home! Glad you had a good time in Cornwall.

Lian said...

Well done at your Cornwall show. I am so glad to meet Kaiser at last! He is such a loving boy.

I'm Helen said...

I think blue suits Kaiser very well don't you! x