Friday, 5 October 2007


Spending the spare time checking my wap phone for WC updates off to Dashin I went it was a nice friendly show with 5 rings and Sue and I were able to watch a lot of each others runs which was nice.

Must mention Sue dogs results as little Bug Superstar had 3 runs and won them all ! Also Sues young merlie Pixie-Dora won her 3rd jumping class taking her up to Grade 4 with Merc getting a win and places too :)

It was Cadburys first day competing at Grade 5 and as he has been running his contacts really fast and getting them fine but not even thinking about stopping I decided it was time for a little bit of control and got him to do nice controlled stops with lots of praise on the dog walk and a-frame and he came 5th (3-5 Agility), his 3-5 jumping course was a blast and he ran his little socks off and came 4th

Roger was at work so I ran JaiJai who I really enjoy running but he is a bit mad and as I don't train him I don't really get to grips with him - his best run was in Grade 3 Agility where he did a stunning run 2 secs ahead of the leading time but missed the up on the dog walk.

I also ran Josie who I think ran the best for me she has ever done - she had 3 jumping runs (phew no contacts!) and did a lovely 4/5 Jumping clear just knocked out of the places at the end, the other 4/5 jumping we had one 5r (my fault) and she had 1-4 Flick Flack which was great fun a snake of jumps into a pipe another snake into another pipe and then another snake of jumps! Josie came 3rd.

The old boys Rip and Fog had Veteran Jumping - they both did lovely runs Rip came 2nd and Fog 7th. Fleet had a goony agility and in the jumpings a 5r in each but lots of nice bits.

Little Jaf was still resting his bad toe (good job I had enough dogs to run!!) -he scrabbles at the bars of the cage as you get him out of the van and for the 3rd time this year he had hurt his claw, his claws were not too long but his groomer says it can be something poodles do!

Rip had the best placing today so here is a photo of him taken by our friend Lynn Sheridan doing Anysize at Supadogs


Andy & Nancy said...

Your're really clocking up the results! Fab.

Karen said...

well done for all your great places was so nice to see the little guy running to day he is super and special well done to Roger too k xx