Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Well as it was a long cold day but enjoyable and nice to catch up with people and also be able to easily watch two rings.

The best bit was that JaiJai came 1st in Grade 3 Jumping to phrase what Dennis Mc said "You won that with a f...... twizzle" he he ! Well it was a little bit tricky for a grade 3 with a speedy weave entry, a pull through and some other handling areas. JaiJai having won out of Grade 3 a few weeks back at Lune Valley as there are not many shows at this time of year it was Roger and JaiJais last Grade 3 so nice to go out with a bang.

Fleet had a 9th in 4/5 Down and Out.....he would have done better as we got to the same bit as quite a few others but I was a bit slow getting back to the finish jump cos I was getting tired after so many obstacles! Had a real if only in the 4/5 Jumping as Fleet ran by the pipe tunnel which was the last obstacle, am sure it was my fault as I should have stood my ground and we just had a 5r in the 4/5 jumping.

Roger had a clear with Josie in 4/5 Jumping but she had one very wide bit and it was a speedy course so no time for being wide.

Its Cadburys blog but he had no runs but he did come in and have a bark at the collies going round!

Nice to see wins from Arthur and young Glynn in the Grade 3 Down and Out if I remember correctly they did 34 obstacles and Shaun with Grace won the 4/5 Down and Out doing one more obstacle than Fleet and getting back to the finish jump rapidly too!


Lian said...

Well done to Roger and JaiJai! What a good way to finish your Grade 3!

OBay Shelties said...

Wow great run on a tough course. There was lots of running backwards necessary! Congrats to Roger and jai Jai!

Karen said...

Well done Rog and Jai Jai what a nice way to finish the season kx

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

Way to go Roger and Jai Jai.

Will Cadbury get a run at Just Minis?

Lorna said...

For Bernadette - I hate running backwards but its something Roger is good at!

For Paula - I have not entered Just Minis am not so keen on open (1-7!) classes.

Lorna x

Hudsondoglets said...

Hey, well done Roger and JaiJai. It was a tough course, great result!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Gratz Roger & Jai Jai result!