Friday, 12 October 2007

Lune Valley

During the Winter once a month we make a mad trip "up north" to an indoor venue near Lancaster. Yes its a long way....but I always enjoy the shows there as its very socialable being able to watch lots of agility and chat to people, however with 6 indoor rings it is also very noisy! (chuckle maybe thats lots of people chatting plus all the dogs barking!)

I had booked a BnB at a Farm and we set off Friday lunchtime and as usual with the Friday rush it seemed to take forever to get there and along the way I start to question my sanity!

Anyway onto the show - there were 4 classes per dog (fleet, Cad and JaiJai did 4 - Josie and Jaf just jumping so 2 runs) which was really good and also an Anysize Jumping, it made it hectic though and we still never got round to taking any video!

JaiJai was a star boy and after getting some of his fizz out of his system in his 2 jumping runs that were not clear he then went clear in his 2 agility runs and......he won them both!! So he came 1st in 1-4 Graded Agility and 1st in Combined 1-3 Agility - so thats him well and truly out of Grade 3 then!

Josie is still just doing Jumping at the moment and due to this quite often only gets 1 run so it was nice that she had 2 - she had a pole down in 4/5 Jumping and came 5th in 1-4 Graded Jumping.

Ripley had a lovely run in anysize and ended up having a run off for 1st Place which we won - I did not run Foggy as he had been slightly lame the week before.

Cadbury - I never shout at Cadbury - ok I don't really shout at any of my dogs - but I think I needed to raise my voice a little only cos it was sooooo noisy and I don't think the sweet little chap heard - he popped an extra jump in 4/5 Jumping and ran by the last jump which was at a funny angle in the 1-7 agility. He did a nice clear in 1-7 Jumping but it was a very fast course and he was just outside the places. In 4/5 Agility with only 16 dogs entered I worked my contacts (well dog walk and see saw - he ran the a-frame!) and we came 2nd.

Fleety - well for me today Fleety was a star - he can be such a goon always throwing something in that I don't expect....but not today - he came 2nd in 4-5 Combined Jumping and 2nd in 5-7 Graded Jumping and 3rd in 5-7 Graded Agility.

Jaf - have not really run Jaf that much lately as he had a poorly toe - he seems fine now and did 2 jumping runs - a clear in 1-7 Jumping and with just 5 in the weaves in 4/5 Jumping.

So all in all we had a fab day and were very proud of our gang! Sue had a good day with her dogs with various good places and had a 1st in Jumping with Pixie-dora.

The journey home is always a bit easier if the show has gone well but its still a long way! zzzzz

A Lovely photo of JaiJai taken by Lynn Sheridan not at Lune but back at Tunbridge Wells.

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