Sunday, 14 October 2007

Stour Valley

A nice day with great weather at a lovely venue.

There were some interesting courses some of which I was glad I was not in!!

Cadbury did Mini/Mixi pairs with a sweet little Cavalier and they came 5th, in the 4-5 Jumping he missed the weave entry and places went to 6th and there were only 5 clears and Cads was the quickest 5 faults so he came 6th, in the 4-5 Agility we are doing training rounds so the poor wee chap can gain some more experience in case he has to go up a grade and he did a lovely run with good stops on all the contacts and came 3rd.

There was a pay on the day small/medium Agility Open to all Grades - I don't very often enter pay on the days - but our friend Carlos was judging it and I wanted to test some things I had been practising, Cads did a stunning clear and I was sooo pleased with him and he came 3rd.

Fleet was a bit of a goon and in his agility span about a bit, and in the jumping do a lovely run...until....the second to last jump and he ran by it...doh!

Josie did a lovely neat run and came 5th in 4/5 combined Jumping so Roger was pleased.

JaiJai was a bit mad and in his agility missed the up and down on the a-frame and in his jumping had one pole - both runs with the obligitary stunning time!

Little Jaf did a run in small 4/5 Jumping - he had one small hesitation which he did not get faulted for and apart from that he did a nice clear round.

It was an enjoyable weekend but it was a lot of driving (all by me!) so to finally get home and have a good rest was fab :)

The photo is a lovely one that Dennis took at the presentation of the DIN Finals - I did not know he was taking the photo and I think it sums up how I feel about Cadbury!

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