Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Digit the Smart Car

This is not really Cadbury related but he has been in my car! In fact I can fit a cage in the boot area big enough to hold both poodles - but its really not big enough for my collies!

Where I work at Police HQ the parking is very difficult with cars everywhere and not enough spaces and so having a very small car seemed a good idea so about 4 years ago I bought a Smart Car. These cars have to have a name (it says so on the websites I visited!) so mine is called Digit, getting the name as his colour is called numeric blue as he is covered with numbers.

Today Digit had to go to the garage to have a service, MOT and a few other bits done - blimey the bill was £696 !!! Ah but Digit is worth it as it is much easier to park at work and he gets me safely to work from Farnham to Guildford every day! Here is Digit:-


Karen said...

soo cute I like digit !

Lian said...

I like that smart little car! When I first arrived in the UK 7 years ago, I saw one of these parked at the road side and wonder what it was and I thought I would like to have own one one day. Now, it is too small for me and the dogs!!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Smart cars are brill. I managed to fit 2 Shelties, Billy the mongrel and Griz the lurcher (on front seat with harness) in mine. Even manged to go camping at an agility show unfortunately decided to upgrade so hubbie could come too. They are such gr8 fun cars.