Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Newlands Part Two

Yippeeee the Show was able to go ahead, the main field was rested for the rest of Friday and all day Saturday with no vehicles driving on it and we only had a little more rain and it dried out really well. On Saturday we even carried all the Premier equipment from the hard standing to the 7 rings to save the ground from their 4x4's.

I help in the Secretaries area in the barn and do nearly all the announcements- I used to get cross that people made very poor attempts at the dogs names so I got the job!

Very pleased for our Blogger friends that did well especially Nancy and Niamh with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd and going up into Grade 6, Bernadette with Hex and Zen getting 1sts and other places and Lisa and Chi with a 2nd and Karen and Corrie with a 3rd and Lian and Saturn for 5th x 2.

Roger got 7th in Grade 3 Agility with JaiJai so he was pleased.

My dogs did not get to see me that much and I felt bad about this and it was rather a surprise to me that I did ok with them, a couple of courses I did not walk and others I only whizzed round once as I just happened to be nearby.

This was Cadburys first show in Grade 4 - it did not really make a difference to his Sunday classes as they were Jumping and Agility Combined 3-5 - he did a lovely run in the Jumping and came 2nd - the Agility I was a little unsure how to handle the part after the weaves as I had rushed to do the run and was last to go and had no-one to watch and I think I made him pop out the last weave so I just took my own line to the finish.

Rip bless him came 2nd in Veteran Jumping and and little red boy Fog came 6th. Jaf had a nice clear in the 3-5 Small Jumping.

Fleet was a very good big red dog with no "goony" moments - he came 7th in Grade 5 Jumping and just knocked a pole in his agility and he came....1st in the Grade 5 Helter Skelter - it really was not a Fleety course - lots of switch behinds and call over jumps which can turn him into a barking spinning dog - I was very proud of him :) He last won a class in July 2006 (a Novice Jumping). The course is below as best as I can remember it (thanks Lian yep just click on the course to make it bigger!)

All the organisers were very tired and I sat at work on Monday (luckily its my short day at work!) willing my shift to end so I could go home and chill out! We normally train on a Monday, but not the night after the show so it was nice to spend an evening at home.


Andy & Nancy said...

Well done on a great show for you personally. Especially well done for your 1st with Fleet and 2nd with Jaff.

Lastly thanks for all your (and the Newlands club) efforts in giving us all a show to go to on the Sunday. Loads of hard work but much appreciated by all!

Nancy & the Naughty Niamh & other Hudsondoglets (oh and Andy!)

Karen said...

yes thanks to Newlands for a very nice show and well done for your win and other brilliant places, and lovely to hear the dogs names said properly :0)) karen xx