Sunday, 8 July 2007

The holiday bit!

So Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were days off so we went exploring!

Tuesday we went to the Lakes and to a very pretty village called Grasmere, my favourite shop in the world is in this village as its a shop that only sells Jack Wolfskin things, we also found a brilliant walk for the dogs, heres Josie with some lovely scenery.

On Wednesday Roger, Claudine and Carlos wanted to go and climb a mountain - I am awful at climbing mountains so I said I would stay with the dogs so they took Rip, Betty and Jag and the other 8 dogs stayed with the Venue on the Wednesday all for charity they had training sessions with various people, I did not book to go on any but had a little wander round to have a watch and in the afternoon once the mountainers were back there was some fun competions and I had a go in a couple of these. The Mountain they climbed was called Inglebrough Hill and it was 723 metres high and here is Rip at the top.

On Thursday Claudine, Carlos, Roger and I went to White Scar Caves at Ingleton, these were fascinating and went about 1/2 a mile underground and there was a guide to take you, here is a silly photo of us before we went in

Roger and I then went round the very pretty village of Ingleton and had lunch before taking the dogs for a lovely walk along a river.

Well not much about Cadbury in this post! Barrow report to follow!

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