Sunday, 8 July 2007

Wellingborough/St Edwards

Wellingborough was a nice show - they are a friendly bunch and they play music over the PA all day, no places for Cads but he did some good bits just making baby errors. Fleet had a 6th in 1-7 Tunnel vision (what a fun course!) and a 9th in 3-5 Agility. Rip got 3rd in Anysize and Fog 4th. I ran Josie and JaiJai who did not go clear but both did some nice bits.

St Edwards - Blimey it was hot today - strange UK weather - its either raining or hot!

The Mediums had 4 runs which was really nice but......3 of the runs clashed badly and with not huge numbers it was then very hot and hectic! Cadbury got a 4th in Medium 1-3 Combined Agility, he seemed a bit worried on the up plank of the dogwalk for some reason and kept stopping, he is not a worrier normally so it was a bit weird but he seemd ok on the dog walk in his other class later. He also got a 3rd in Medium 3-5 Combined Agility - really pleased with this run as Simon Chandler set a course needing some handling and what I planned worked ok! Then an E in the next jumping run at a confusing bit of the course for us both!! On the 3rd run in a row Cadbury went on strike in the weaves!

Roger had a star red dog as he got a 3rd in Grade 3 Agility with JaiJai and with Josie 16th in G4-5 Jumping.

I had fun in the Anysize as I had 3 dogs entered and took them all to the ring (and groom Roger!) normally I just have 2 (Rip and Fog) but so Jaf did not feel left out as there were no small dog classes I entered him as I knew he would not be taking a place from dogs who normally run in anysize but for him he did a really nice clear and Rip came 2nd and Fog came 13th.

Tonight I was sat wondering how many points Cadbury had towards his Silver Agility Warrant (although I have not yet sent off for the Bronze which he got enough points for at the end of May) so I added up the points and am very proud of him as he now has enough points for his Silver Agility Warrant - bless him :)


Lian said...

With Cads' performaces, he is not far from AW(G)! He is definitely a star at St Edwards, with that thick coat in the hot weather, he ran pretty well, so do you, 3 runs in a row!

Karen said...

Well done Lorna you had a very good day, lovely to see cadas again and have a cuddle, well done with the anysize too karen x

Karen said...

Sorry about the clashes. Best laid plans and all that. I tried to ensure that the mediums didn't have 1 run in the morning and then have to wait right until the end of the day for their last run but then we ran into trouble towards lunchtime. There were classes that I thought on paper shouldn't have clashed that somehow just did!

I saw Cadbury on the dog-walk in the first class and wasn't sure why he looked worried as the dog-walk didn't appear to be wobbly or anything. Guess it proves that there is nothing as unpredictable as dogs!