Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Lune Valley

Well we arrived back ok from the North, blimey it seemed a long way to tow (and I do all the towing!), but not as far as Bernadette and Dennis had to tow to Scotland! I am glad we went for 10 days as it made the long tow seem worth it! It was just under 300 miles each way....

So the first weekend was Lune Valley - we arrived the Friday evening and found a nice spot to camp next to a hedge and by a walk through to the rings the space was a really good size and when you are there for so long is really nice. The weather was not too bad we had a few hours of drizzly rain each day but compared to what some other parts of the country had we felt we were very lucky!

Saturday - Roger got a 4th in Large Grade 4 Agility with JaiJai which was really nice as they had not had a clear round for a while as JaiJai has been getting faster and less accurate! Josie had a 9th in Grade 4 Jumping.

Cadbury got a 2nd in Medium Graded 1-5 Agility, Rip a 3rd in Veteran Jumping, Fleet a 15th in Grade 5 Jumping and in a tricky Grade 5 Agility a 14th with 5 faults for a missed a-frame. Fleet ran NFC in the Adams Derby as he has already qualified and did a stunning run which a friend on the scoretable later told me would have put him 2nd, not sure if it was due to us running NFC or because I always enjoy Doris Stokoes courses.

Sunday - Roger had a fab day Josie had Grade 4 Jumpings x 2 and she came 2nd twice! Both times beaten by one of Jaqui Tarns dogs.

Cadbury got 3rd in Medium Combined 1-5 Agility. Fleet an 11th in a 1-5 Combined Agility.

Today was Rogers Birthday and we had a BBQ with Claudine and Carlos - there was a bit of drizzle but Carlos is an expert with his Gas BBQ and carried on cooking under a brolly!

Monday - today was Josies 3rd Birthday and Roger was a beaming chap as Josie got 1st in Grade 4 Jumping.

Cadbury got a 3rd in 1-3 Combined Agility and Fleet got a 4th in a class called Lucky Dip Pairs - I had heard about this class but not having been before had not run in it, Graham Pennington who was quite a character in the North and who was from Lune Valley Club (and helped to start the Agility Eye Magazine) liked people to get to know each other so you enter as an individual and then get paired up - Fleet was paired with Sarah Bell and Buddy - we do know Sarah and Buddy who is a gorgeous tri-colour (like a sealight) Sarah had to go back to work so her hubby Mike ran Buddy.

More to follow on what we did on the days off and a Video below of the Lucky Dip Pairs (sorry I am too impatient to wait for the image!)


Karen said...

Brilliant results for you and Roger, and also a happy birthday to the lovely Josie kx

Lian said...

Well done and congratulations to all your winnings!!

OBay Shelties said...

You have to tell me about that show. Did you stay there during the week? I want to plan something nice next year in the Lakes. No more scotland for me; it rains too much! :-) hehehe